Your Tea (Tiny Tea) Digestive Herbs (2023 Review)

Your Teas Digestive Herbs (Tiny Tea) Review – Is It Any Good?

Your Tea Tiny Teas, now called Your Tea Digestive Herbs, has many good reviews from fans who have used the product to settle digestive discomfort. They report relief from symptoms of IBS and SIBO such as bloating, fluid retention, and indigestion.

This product is more than a regular herbal tea. In fact, it is a blend of herbs using the ancient principles of traditional Chinese medicine. The aim of Digestive Herbs is to gently restore the digestive system, over time. However, it should be seen as a wellness program and not medical treatment.

Read on to find out what the benefits and downsides are, how you should use the tea, and more.

Your Tea Digestive Herbs (Tiny Tea) at a Glance

Your Tea Tiny Teas was renamed in 2019 to Your Tea Digestive Herbs, but the formula remained the same.

Features of Your Tea Digestive Herbs

  • A herbal blend formulated by TCM practitioners to restore the digestive system
  • Consumed twice a day, half-an-hour before meals
  • Simple to brew with convenient tea bags
  • Contains only natural, organic ingredients
  • The packaging contains one month’s supply of 62 tea bags
  • Each tea bag is individually packaged for convenience
  • Environmentally friendly – organic, GMO free and biodegradable packaging

Benefits of Your Tea Digestive Herbs

  • Relief from bloating and other digestive discomforts
  • Reduced fluid retention
  • Assisting weight loss
  • Improved skin condition, energy, mood and sleep

Downsides of Your Teas Digestive Herbs

  • Not effective for everyone
  • May have side effects such as diarrhea
  • Contains gluten, although a gluten-free option is now available
  • Allergic reactions to the ingredients may occur
  • Currently only available online from the manufacturers
  • Relatively expensive compared to other herbal teas

Does Digestive Blend Tea Work?

Formulated by TCM practitioners

The principles of TCM have been developed over thousands of years. While they differ considerably from conventional Western medicine, TCM has been used for centuries to successfully treat many health conditions naturally.

Research is increasingly supporting the effectiveness of many of the traditional TCM treatments. This includes treatment for various conditions where Western medicine has not had much success, including IBS. (1)

According to TCM, health problems are caused by imbalances and the focus of TCM is to restore the balance between body, mind and soul – Yin and Yang.

The digestive system is very important in TCM as this is what feeds and maintains the rest of the body. But the other parts of the body and mind also affect the balance within the digestive system.

Digestive issues such as IBS are seen as an imbalance between the organ systems within the gut. This can result in either bloating and soft stools/diarrhea or a block of energy flow which results in slowing down the digestive system causing bloating and constipation.

Digestive Herbs Tea Ingredients

The blend of herbs in Digestive Herbs tea was developed by qualified TCM practitioners to gently restore and strengthen the digestive tract when taken as directed. The ingredients have been used for centuries in TCM to help with various health problems.

The tea contains the following:

  • Oolong tea (Wulong Cha)
  • Hawthorn Fruit (Shan Zha)
  • Barley Sprout (Mai Ya)
  • Tangerine Peel (Chen Pi)
  • Cassia Seeds (Jue Ming Zi)
  • Radish Seeds (Lai Fu Zi)
  • Lotus Leaf (He Ye)

All the ingredients, grown on Chinese herb farms, are fully organic, vegan and keto-friendly, and GMO-free. The blend of herbs is conveniently packaged in tea bags.

Because of the barley sprouts, Digestive Herbs Tea contains gluten. However, a gluten-free option is now available.

Most of the individual ingredients have been shown by science to have positive effects on the digestive system or other parts of the body. Some have antimicrobial properties, while others contain a number of antioxidants and other nutrients.

However, according to TCM principles, the healing properties of Digestive Health tea are derived from the synergistic effect between the different herbs in the blend. In other words, the effects of individual herbs change when they are combined.

Health benefits of Digestive Herbs Tea

On its website the company claims that the ingredients have traditionally been used to help with:

  • IBS and digestive discomfort
  • Bloating
  • Food intolerances
  • Fluid retention
  • Weight loss
  • Skin conditions
  • Improved sleep, energy and mood

Your Tea, however, emphasizes that its products are not medicinal in strength. They should rather be viewed as a stepping stone to TCM.

Everyone’s body is different and that is why Digestive Herbs tea might work very well for some and not for others. For more intensive individualized treatment, clients are advised to consult a TCM practitioner.

User Reviews

On the Your Tea website 464 reviews give a score of 4.9 stars for Digestive Health tea, some still from the days when it was called Tiny Teas. Here are some customer reviews:

I first tried this tea a while back when it was called Tiny Tea, and I loved it!!! My bloating went away and I actually dropped 9lbs. Anonymous from US.

I’ve been ordering this tea since the beginning and I can’t go without it in my cupboard. My body had been so upset and sensitive for so long and I couldn’t figure it out. Digestive Tea (Tiny Tea) just gives it a reboot and I mean SO gently too. No pain anymore! A Kim (US)

On independent Trustpilot, Digestive Herbs tea scored 3.6 stars from 345 reviews. This is what some users had to say:

For 6 years now I have been a huge fan of your tea….I experienced painful bloating and digestive issues and was in desperate need of something to help me. I read up a lot on this tea before finally deciding to order and I am so thankful that I did. Tiny Tea not only assisted me with my digestive issues, it helped me in the beginning of my weight loss journey. Angel

100% genuine company and I have had great and true results and have tried a lot of companies such as “X” and “Y” and none of them helped apart from your tea. Thanks so much. I have lost and maintained weight, clearness of my skin and am rid of the trouble of my IBS. Taiana

There are reviews by users who didn’t experience any benefits from the tea but, overall, they are in the minority.

How to Use Digestive Herbs Tea?

To benefit from the tea you should drink it as recommended: twice a day, in the morning and the evening, 30 minutes before meals.

When you order Digestive Herbs Tea, it is packaged as one month’s supply of 62 tea bags. To get the full advantage of the health program you should drink the tea as directed until it is finished.

The tea is simple to prepare. Just steep the tea bag in a cup of boiling water for 4-6 minutes.

The tea bags are individually packaged which helps to keep the tea fresh. It also makes it convenient to pop into your pocket or handbag when you will not be eating at home.

All the packaging is either biodegradable or can be recycled.

Side Effects of Digestive Herbs Tea

The potential side effects of the tea are:

  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Tiredness
  • Allergic reaction to one or more of the ingredients
  • Might interact with some birth control pills

The herbs in the tea are mild so the risk of these side effects is relatively low, with few users reporting any problems. The most common side effect appears to be diarrhea, causing some users to stop drinking the tea, although it did ease their bloating.

When Not to Drink Digestive Herbs Tea

You should not drink the tea:

  • If you are currently using any of the other Your Tea products
  • If you have a known allergy to any of the ingredients
  • Before you consult your doctor if you are on prescription medication for chronic conditions
  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding

Should you have any questions or problems, you are encouraged to reach out to Your Tea using the contact form on their website. Their response for enquiries is prompt, with replies received within 24 hours.

Ordering Digestive Herbs Tea

your tea 2

Currently Digestive Herbs tea can only be ordered online directly from the Your Tea website.

Some view this as expensive compared to other popular herbal teas. One should, perhaps, bear in mind that the product is a health program, comparable to supplements. Also keep an eye out for discounts and special offers.

The product is packaged either in a tin – accompanied by a small travel tin and information booklet – or as a refill pack. At the time of writing only the refill pack is available but the Your Tea site claims that the tins will be back in stock in November 2021.

The company is based in Australia but has seven distribution sites across the world. Depending on location, delivery is within 2-14 days, with fast delivery time of 2-5 days if you are in the US, Canada, Australia, UK or Hong Kong. The onus is on the client to follow up on delivery once the company has handed over the package to the couriers.

There have recently been some complaints about deliveries on review sites. When contacted, Your Tea explained that COVID-19 has brought about some challenges. Most of the complaints revolved around split orders, where one part arrived before the other. They also claimed that all the complaints have been resolved.

So Is Digestive Herbs Tea (Tiny Teas) Any Good?

The herbal blend developed by TCM practitioners to gently restore gut health, marketed first as Tiny Teas Detox and now as Digestive Herbs tea, has been around since 2013.

There are many reviews from satisfied customers, who have used it for years for relief from bloating and other digestive problems. All considered, it is our view that you could try out the tea to see if it works for you.

Want to find out more about TCM and also how it approaches IBS and SIBO in particular? Read some of the blog articles, written by qualified TCM practitioners, on the Your Tea website.


1. Fung, F. Y. & Linn, Y. C. 2015. Developing traditional Chinese medicine in the era of evidence-based medicine: current evidences and challenges. Evidence Based Complementary Alternative Medicine. Vol: 2015

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