Allimed Review, #1 Natural Antibiotic [Allicin Garlic for SIBO & Infections]

Allimed Natural Antibiotic

You may be surprised to know that garlic, which is probably sitting in your kitchen right now, offers much more than its delicious flavor.

For thousands of years, garlic has been used for its myriad of medicinal properties. Ancient cultures, like Egypt and Rome, used garlic to enhance human physical endurance.

Today, garlic is used as a natural antibiotic. In particular, Allimed is the only kind that contains stabilized allicin which has been proven effective in SIBO treatment and various other infections.

So, What is Allimed?


A major breakthrough in the medicinal qualities of garlic was the discovery of allicin, which is the main component of Allimed and the reason for its success as a natural antibiotic.

There are a number of ways you can take Allimed (capsule, liquid, cream, spray), but no matter what form you prefer, Allimed’s pure allicin form has been proven by thousands of studies to be a healthier alternative to pharmaceutical antibiotics.

Dr. Peter Josling, a biochemist nicknamed “The Garlic King”, established The Garlic Center that advises commercial companies, research establishments, government agencies, the press, and the media. His ongoing research and product development have brought to light all the benefits of garlic and more specifically allicin.

Allicin is the main biologically active compound of garlic and scientific evidence suggests that allicin is responsible for the numerous health benefits associated with garlic.

When fresh garlic is crushed or cut, the sulfur compound (Alliin) combines with an enzyme (Allinase), and a chemical reaction starts. Allicin is then formed, but unfortunately, Allicin from fresh garlic is unstable and quickly changes into a series of other sulfur-containing compounds, known as thiosulphinates.


Why is Allimed Different From Normal Garlic Supplements?

Allimed is the best way to get the medicinal qualities of garlic since it doesn’t have to goallimed garlic supplement through the process of producing allicin.

Allimed is already pure allicin.

That’s what really makes Allimed different from other garlic supplements.

Allimed is also much more stabilized than other supplements, meaning your digestive system acids won’t destroy the Allimed. And other garlic supplements don’t have the guaranteed 100% yield of allisure allicin extract that Allimed has.

So if you suffer from a bacterial infection or SIBO, Allimed is an ideal alternative to pharmaceutical antibiotics.

Allimed vs Pharmaceutical Antibiotics

Like many other herbal antibiotics, Allimed has many benefits that pharmaceutical antibiotics simply don’t. And for people who suffer from chronic symptoms, like those with SIBO, I have found that Allimed can be a better option.

For instance, Allimed is less likely to cause antibiotic resistance, which is a huge reason why you should consider a natural treatment plan over a pharmaceutical antibiotic course.

People had been using synthetically made antibiotics for years before realizing that bacteria are capable of adapting to the antibiotics. That is why many doctors recommend rotating antibiotic regimens and using herbal alternatives to treat infections, including SIBO.

Allimed also has fewer side effects than pharmaceutical antibiotics, but like other natural antibiotics, Allimed may take a little longer to work.

Pharmaceutical antibiotics also tend to be more expensive than herbal antibiotics. So by choosing a natural health plan, you can save money and have a more effective treatment.

Allimed Uses

I’ve been talking about all the positive health benefits of Allimed, so let’s take a look at some of the most common illnesses that Allimed can be used to treat:

Even though Allimed hasn’t been studied extensively by scientists in the US since it is a natural product, there are numerous studies that show the effectiveness of garlic.

Remember, Allicin is the antibacterial agent in garlic.

Allimed possible side effects

Allimed is a natural antibiotic, therefore, it only has a few possible side effects:

  • Belching
  • Gas
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Heartburn
  • Bleeding

Allimed for SIBO

allimed for treating sibo

When it comes to SIBO, Allimed has been considered one of the most effective herbs used in SIBO treatment.

It is particularly helpful in stubborn cases, as well as in individuals who have methane dominant overgrowth or constipation type symptoms.

It’s important for you to know that the Allimed product which contains Allicin, corn maltodextrin, and gum acacia has not been shown to cause issues in SIBO patients, even in individuals who can’t tolerate garlic in other forms.

Other supplements use a type of garlic that can aggravate SIBO patients because they are usually made with garlic extract. Garlic extract and garlic in foods contain polysaccharides which act as a prebiotic.

Allimed’s formula contains 100% Allicin without the prebiotics. This is why it is usually well-tolerated in SIBO patients.

Who Should Use Allimed?

In general, anyone who has a tough infection or case of SIBO should consider using Allimed.

From my experience, it has shown to be one of the strongest natural antimicrobials for treating infections. It has also been used successfully in a lot of methane-producing patients which are notoriously tricky to treat.

From the research I’ve studied, the patients I’ve met who have used Allimed, and my own experience I would recommend this product as one of the best natural alternatives to pharmaceutical antibiotics available.

 Allimed Dosages 

The two most popular ways to take Allimed is in capsule or liquid form. The following dosages are guidelines, and you should always talk with a doctor before starting a course of treatment.

  • For general health

take 1 capsule per day with food or liquid

  • For infections

Take 1 to 2 capsules 3 times a day with food. If you have a particularly tough infection, you can take as many as 10 capsules of Allimed at one time to relieve your symptoms. Government approved tests have even shown how taking 777 capsules per day will not produce detrimental side effects

  • For treating SIBO

Use Allimed alone or in combination with other herbal antibiotics for 4 weeks. The dose is usually 2 capsules 3 times per day. For more information on treatment specifics, check out the herbal antibiotics section of the SIBO treatment page.

Where to Buy Allimed

allimed capsules and liquid

Since Allimed is the only garlic supplement that contains stabilized allicin, Allimed is the only option out there if you’re using it to treat SIBO.

Regular garlic supplements will cause issues because of the prebiotics contained in whole garlic extract.

You may find other supplements that claim to contain quality allicin, but these haven’t been shown to deliver a stabilized form of pure allicin like Allimed.

If you’re looking for an effective antimicrobial product to treat SIBO, look no further and add Allimed to your treatment plan.

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