10 Best Morning Teas (2023 Reviews + Buying Guide)

The 10 Best Tea For Morning To Enhance Your Mood

Best Tea For Morning

Starting out the day the right way is important, and what you drink in the morning can have a big impact on the rest of your day. Many people opt for coffee. However, if you really want to improve your focus and concentration, boost your energy levels, and feel grounded, centered, and relaxed, opting for tea over coffee is a much better choice.

There are many benefits of drinking tea, and while it is a much better choice for a morning beverage than coffee (more on that later), it’s important to select the right type of tea. Drinking the right tea can make a significant difference in starting out on the right foot.

So, what is the best tea to drink in the morning? There are many different types of teas that yield different effects. Therefore, the best morning tea for you really depends on your specific wants, needs, and desires.

With that said, below, we’ve highlighted some of the most common varieties of tea and discussed what sets each variety apart to help you determine what type of tea will be the best tea to sip in the morning.

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The Best Morning Teas

Woman in Gray Sweater Sitting on Bed Drinking Coffee

Let’s jump in and explore some of the best types of tea for the morning.

1. Matcha Tea: Best Aromatic Tea

Ito En Traditional Matcha Green Tea 50 Count Zero Calories, Caffeinated

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If you want to boost your energy levels and experience a zen-like feel that will last throughout the day, matcha is a great choice. Matcha is a type of green tea, and it has the highest caffeine content (albeit not as much as coffee), so it will definitely put some pep in your step.

That’s because it’s made from premium-quality shade-grown leaves, which are ground into a powder, and shade-grown teas have more caffeine than teas that are grown in the sun.

Plus, with matcha, you consume the entire leaf, which means you’ll not only get the benefits of the caffeine it contains, but you’ll also get the health benefits that it offers.

Additionally, unlike coffee, matcha won’t make you feel jumpy, jittery, and on edge. Rather, it will make you feel more awake while also promoting a sense of calmness and alertness that will last throughout the day.

It also contains high levels of antioxidants, which combat inflammation, as well as ECGC, a compound that has been shown to aid in the oxidation of fat while working out, so if you exercise in the morning, a cup of matcha may be able to help enhance the benefits of your workout.

Wake up with an aromatic matcha from Ito En.

2. Green Tea: Best Organic Tea

Imozai Organic Green Tea Bags 100 Count Individually Wrapped

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In addition to matcha, there are several other types of green tea that would make great morning beverages. The amount of caffeine green tea contains depends on the variety.

However, other shade-grown green teas (like matcha) contain the highest caffeine content; dragon well and gyokuro, for example. No matter the type, all green teas contain far less caffeine than coffee, and they offer many more health benefits.

For example, green tea contains polyphenols and catechins that green teas contain may be able to help reduce the risk of certain types of cancers, as these compounds can help to strengthen the immune system’s ability to fight off cancer cells within the body.

Green tea is one of the most popular teas, as it has a milder flavor than many other varieties of tea. It is also known to act as an appetite suppressant. And can boost metabolism; hence why so many fitness experts strongly advocate for green tea.

We love Imozai’s organic green tea.

3. White Tea: Best For a Peaceful Morning

Prince of Peace Organic White Tea, 100 Tea Bags – 100% Organic White Tea – Unsweetened White Tea...

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White tea is another great choice for your morning beverage. This type of tea is made from very young tea leaves, and therefore, it contains high levels of caffeine (though still less than coffee). While a lot of people claim that white tea has the least amount of caffeine, this simply isn’t true. What is true, however, is that of all teas, white tea has the mildest flavor.

In addition to providing you with caffeine that will kick-start your day, white tea also offers antioxidants that are known to boost overall health and well-being. They also reduce the risk of heart disease.

Have a peaceful morning with the organic white tea bags from Prince of Peace.

4. Oolong Tea: Best With High Concentration Caffeine

FGO Organic Oolong Tea, Eco-Conscious Tea Bags, 100 Count, Packaging May Vary (Pack of 1)

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As stated above, young tea leaves contain a high concentration of caffeine. The majority of oolong teas are made of mature tea leaves, and as such, the caffeine content is usually lower than in other varieties of tea.

That said, it won’t give you as much of a jumpstart as coffee or even other types of tea; however, oolong is still a good way to start the day, especially if you’re looking for a replacement for coffee, yet you want to cut back on your caffeine intake.

This is largely due to the fact that it has a stronger flavor than most green and white teas, particularly darker varieties of oolong.

We love the superb quality of FGO’s Eco-Conscious Oolong tea bags.

5. Black Tea: Best For Rich Flavor

365 by Whole Foods Market, Tea Black Organic, 70 Count

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It’s a common misconception that black tea has the highest caffeine content of all teas. As discussed, this is false, as matcha has the highest amount of caffeine, and other types of green teas and even white teas contain more caffeine.

With that said, varieties of black tea that are made with younger leaves, such as golden monkey tea and Yunnan needle teas, have the highest caffeine content.

If you’re looking for a robust flavor that doesn’t pack a lot of caffeine, Lapsang Souchong is a great choice to consider, as this variety of black tea is made of old tea leaves, so its caffeine content is low.

For a rich and full-bodied flavor, try the organic black tea by 365 Whole Foods Market.

6. English Breakfast: Best To Start Your Day

Twinings English Breakfast Black Tea, 100 Individually Wrapped Tea Bags, Smooth, Flavourful, Robust,...

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A type of black tea, English breakfast is one of the most popular varieties of tea, and it’s a great way to start the morning. It’s made of a combination of various types of popular black teas (hence why it’s considered a black tea).

Two varieties of black tea that are often used in English breakfast tea include Assam and Keemun. Because it is a blended tea, many have said that English breakfast tea has a bland flavor; however, there are many people who love it.

If you want to add some additional flavor to English breakfast tea, mixing sugar and milk or even spices, such as cinnamon or ginger, will help to create a more robust taste. If you’re using spices, you can also provide added benefits (depending on the spices you use).

Twinings traditional English Breakfast tea is the perfect alternative to coffee for a morning boost.

7. Yerba Mate: Best For Traditional Drink Experience

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It isn’t really tea in its truest form, as it isn’t made from the tea plant. However, Yerba mate is brewed in a similar manner, hence why it is considered a tea. Yerba mate is made of the dried leaves of the Argentinian yerba mate tree, and at up to 85 milligrams of caffeine per cup (which is more than matcha), it packs a big punch and will definitely put some pep in your step.

In addition to high levels of caffeine, Yerba mate also contains a wealth of goodness, including 15 amino acids, 24 vitamins and minerals, and numerous antioxidants. The leaves of the Yerba mate tree are also high in tannins, which gives the beverage an earthy, slightly bitter taste.

Thanks to the high caffeine content and robust flavor, it’s a great alternative to coffee.

If you don’t have a traditional mate brewing cup, these ECOTEAS teabags are a great alternative.

8. Pu’er Tea: Best Affordable Tea

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Also spelled “pu-erh,” this is a post-fermented tea, meaning that after the leaves have fully oxidized, they are left to ferment. This results in a tea that has a very hardy, earthy flavor. As for caffeine, the amount that pu’er contains varies. Typically, it’s similar to black tea, and due to its strong taste, it’s a great alternative to coffee.

Emperor’s Pu-erh teabags are high quality and affordable.

9. Rooibos Tea: Best For Earthy Flavor

Red Rooibos Tea 100 Teabags USDA Organic - Naturally Caffeine Free - Cederberg Tea Company

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Rooibos tea originated in Africa, and now it’s enjoyed the world over. This caffeine-free alternative to traditional black tea, rooibos tea undergoes a similar oxidation process as black tea. However, unlike black tea, it is often fermented, too. The flavor is earthy, and it’s quite similar to Yerba mate.

Rooibos tea contains high levels of antioxidants, so it can strengthen your immune system, as it will help to remove free radicals. It is also said to support heart health, and it can boost metabolism, thus promoting weight loss.

Stay grounded with the earthy and caffeine-free flavors of Cederberg Tea Company’s Red Rooibos Tea.

10. Ginger Tea: Best For Spicy Lovers

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Rounding out our list of the best teas for the morning is ginger tea. This is particularly beneficial for pregnant women who are experiencing morning sickness, as ginger contains antioxidants and other compounds that are known to alleviate morning sickness.

It also offers a wealth of other health benefits, and the smooth, pleasant flavor is delightful to sip on in the morning.

That being said, since ginger tea is made of the roots of the ginger plant and not tea leaves, it isn’t really a tea; rather, it’s considered an herbal tea. If you’re pregnant and you’re suffering from morning (or any time of the day) sickness, ginger tea may be the solution you’re looking for. Plus, it’s also completely safe to drink during pregnancy.

Try Yogi Tea’s soothing and spicy blend of ginger tea.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tea Bag

Now that we’ve listed our top recommendations for the best morning teas, we’d like to take the time to answer some frequently asked questions.

What’s Better: Loose Leaf or Tea Bags?

A lot of people are first introduced to tea via tea bags, as they’re easy to procure and they’re quick and easy to make. While tea bags may be a great introduction to tea, if you really want to enjoy all of the benefits that this beverage offers, loose leaf is the way to go, as it has a more robust taste and it really allows you to experience all of the flavors – and health benefits – that tea provides.

How Should You Drink Loose–Leaf Tea In The Morning?

If you want to drink loose-leaf tea in the morning but your time is limited in the morning, the best way to drink loose-leaf tea when you’re in a rush is by using a tea infuser travel mug. These mugs feature infusers where you can place your loose-leaf tea, have a sealed lid, and will steep while you’re on the go.

Which Is Better: True Tea or Herbal Tea?

There are a lot of great herbal teas out there, but it’s important to note that herbal teas aren’t made from tea leaves; rather, they are made from a variety of plants, flowers, and roots.

As such, they aren’t really teas, but because they are made in the same manner as tea, this is what they are called. Because they are not made with real tea leaves, their caffeine content is very low – half a milligram or less.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a morning pick-me-up, herbal tea isn’t exactly the best choice. There are several benefits that are associated with herbal teas, so they can still be a great way to start the day if you aren’t looking to add pep to your step.

Tea vs. Coffee: Which Is Better For The Morning?

Man and Woman Holding White Ceramic Mugs

We feel that it’s important to make a comparison of tea with another popular morning beverage. Of course, we’re referring to coffee. Is tea a better way to start your day?


While coffee is the quintessential morning beverage and the preferred choice among countless people, there are some big cons that are associated with this hot drink, especially when it’s consumed first thing in the morning.

Firstly, coffee is a diuretic, which means that if you drink too much, you can become dehydrated. Dehydration definitely isn’t a good way to start the day.

Not only will you suffer in the morning, but you could end up feeling the impact the rest of the day. Headaches, listlessness, irritability, and brain fog are just some of the undesirable side effects that are associated with dehydration.

Hormone Balancing

Furthermore, coffee stimulates the adrenal glands, prompting the release of adrenaline, which can lead to unnecessary stress being placed on them.

The small glands that sit above the kidneys in the upper portion of the abdomen, the adrenal glands, are responsible for the production and release of many types of hormones that are responsible for numerous metabolic functions, such as metabolism, blood pressure, blood sugar levels, pregnancy, salt and water balance, stress response, estrogen and testosterone balance, and more.

Coffee contains caffeine, and while caffeine itself may not be responsible for adrenal fatigue, the numerous changes that the body experiences when you consume caffeine can definitely put a strain on your adrenal glands and throw many hormones – and the metabolic functions those hormones are responsible for – out of whack.

Caffeine Content

While yes, coffee does contain more caffeine than tea, as can be surmised from the above (impact on the adrenal glands), that isn’t really a good thing.

A lot of people assume the more caffeine, the better, especially first thing in the morning; however, consuming too much caffeine will not only leave you feeling anxious and jittery, but the pick-me-up is short-lived; once it wears off, you’ll end up feeling more fatigued than you did when you first woke up.

In fact, the effects of caffeine can be so intense that it can lead to upset stomach, bowel issues, and even panic attacks.

Tea is a much better – and safer – alternative to a morning beverage than coffee. It isn’t as acidic as coffee, which is definitely a plus. It also won’t have such a profound impact on your adrenal glands, and thus, it won’t impact your hormones and the metabolic functions that they perform. While tea does contain caffeine, it’s a fraction of the amount that coffee contains.

Moreover, tea contains L-Theanine, an amino acid that helps the body process the caffeine that tea contains differently. Rather than leaving you feeling jittery, anxious, and on edge, tea will make you feel alert, yet calm at the same time. Plus, there’s no crash to deal with once the caffeine wears off.

The verdict?

Tea comes out top as a morning beverage. People all over the world drink tea and have been doing so for millennia. In fact, it’s the second most popular drink on the planet, with water being the first (obviously).

Even in the United States, one of the biggest consumers of coffee, recent data indicates that more than 80 percent of Americans have tea in their homes, and more than 1.5 million Americans consume tea on a daily basis.


As can be seen from the information presented above, there are several different types of teas. The type that will make the best morning beverage for you really does vary and depends on your specific wants, needs, and desires.

To find the best morning tea for you, try several different options until you find the one that speaks to your taste and that creates the effects that you desire. Have fun with it! There are so many different types of wonderful teas available, so it’s sure to be a fun-filled exploration.

Whichever option you finally decide on, one thing is for sure: when you forego the coffee and drink tea for your morning beverage instead, you will definitely experience profound benefits – and it won’t take long until you do!

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