The 11 Best Tea For Bloating (2023 Guide)

The 11 Best Tea For Bloating Having Tons of Benefits!

Best Tea For Bloating

Everyone knows tea is the best natural remedy for all kinds of discomfort. When it comes to bloating, tea does a marvelous job of alleviating the symptoms. You will be back to your normal self in no time.

Tea has properties that regulate your body and bring a ton of health benefits. These are some of the best brands and tea for bloating.

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Best Tea For Bloating

1. Rachel Gas Relief Digestive Tea: Best To Treat Bloating

Rachel Tea | 30 Tea Bags | Caffeine Free Herbal Tea Turmeric, Wild Yam, Ginger, Marshmallow,...

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Rachel’s Digestive Relief Tea is made with chemical-free natural ingredients. It guarantees to be compatible with your body without causing a reaction.

Chemical ingredients in drinks and food can lead to allergic reactions in some people. Natural ingredients rarely cause the same problem.

It contains some natural oils to soothe your upset stomach. Using the right oils can lift the symptoms and relieve pain. Oils do not make your stomach more bloated.

This tea contains a wide selection of herbs to give your bloated tummy the most intimate care.

2. Pink Stork PMS Tea: Best To Reduce PMS Symptoms

Pink Stork PMS Tea: Organic Warm Cinnamon Tea, Bloating Relief for Women, Natural Period Relief from...

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If you constantly suffer from a bloating stomach during or before your period, Pink Stork PMS Tea is your saving grace. Specifically designed to reduce PMS symptoms, this herbal tea eases your discomfort during menstruation.

Formulated by female herbalists, this PMS tea is dedicated to solving any period-related bloating, which is different than the typical upset stomach.

Identifying the sources of your discomfort is essential. A lot of medical issues can lead to bloating. You have to fix it from the root.

3. Stomach Soothing Tea For Ache and Bloating: Best To Reduce Dizziness

Stomach Soothing Tea - for Ache and Bloating* - Aids Digestion* Calm Gentle blend of Peppermint...

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Peppermint, ginger, and cumin are all wonderful ingredients for speeding up metabolism and curing nausea related to consuming the wrong food. Ingesting something your body can’t tolerate can lead to bloating and dizziness.

Warming up your body and regulating blood circulation can help push the toxins out, which in turn calms your body.

Ginger is known to help with inflammation as well. It is a healing herb that is popular in a lot of countries, including India and China.

4. Secrets Of Tea PMS Relief Fruit Tea: Best Strong-Tasting Drink

Loyal PMS.O.S Tea | Natural Period Relief | Promotes Hormonal Balance (15 Berry Tea Bags)

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With a refreshing taste of pineapples and mangos, Secrets of Tea’s PMS tea is a milder version for women who dislike strong-tasting drinks during their menstruation cycles.

Some women can’t tolerate strong scents due to a hormonal imbalance. They often find drinks with an intense smell repulsive.

Since the fruitiness fully covers the herbal smell, this tea is more suitable for those with sensitive noses. A hot cup of fruit tea injects you with loads of vitamins to give you the best detox.

You will find yourself urinating better as you get rid of the excess fluids in your body that causes the bloating.

5. Traditional Medicinals Organic Smooth Move Chamomile Laxative Tea: Best To Relax Your Mind

Traditional Medicinals Organic Smooth Move Chamomile Laxative Tea, 16 Tea Bags (Pack of 2)

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Another top choice for those who dislike a strong scent. Chamomile is good for lifting up your mood. It’s not specifically for those suffering from PMS symptoms, so you can enjoy a hot brew of this organic tea whenever you want.

The effects of chamomile are relatively minute compared to other ingredients. But the purpose of having chamomile is to relax your mind. When you are getting bloated, it’s easy to get carried away by negative thoughts.

Chamomile calms you down and your body will learn to adjust itself when the stress is gone. Since the taste is very subtle with a hint of sweetness, you can pretty much have several cups a day and still won’t get bored.

6. GERD Natural Organic Ginger Root Tea For Acid Reflux & Heartburn: Best To Cure Stomach Issues

GERD Natural Herbal Tea for Acid Reflux & Heartburn Relief and Support w/Organic Ginger Root. 35 Tea...

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Heartburn and acid are horrible for your health. It can cause excruciating pain that medicines can’t fully cure. Opting for a natural choice can alleviate the symptoms.

GERD natural herbal tea caters to the most common stomach problems.

It balances the acid level to prevent refluxes. At the same time, it keeps your body warm so your organs can function properly to digest food.

Since it is caffeine-free, you can drink it any time of the day without it keeping you awake.

7. BABEWELL Bikini Detox Evening Tea: Best For Vegans

BABEWELL Bikini Detox Evening Tea- 14 Tea Bags-Supports Detox and Cleanse, Reduce Bloating, 100% All...

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Without milk or honey, this tea is the right choice for vegans. It serves as an evening tea to help you sleep better. Having a bloated tummy can impact your sleep quality massively.

It prevents you from getting enough deep sleep. Being sleep-deprived leads to countless other health problems.

An evening tea relaxes you so your body can enter the deep sleep cycle to repair any damage. Your body recovers much more quickly once it gets enough rest.

This tea can cause drowsiness as it aims to put you to sleep. Therefore, it should not be treated as your morning tea.

8. Xenvi Digestion Tea + Relax Tea: Best For Flavors

Xenvi Digestion & Relax Tea, Soothing Relief for Upset Stomach, Bloating, Calming Bedtime Tea for...

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Digestive tea like this Xenvi one absorbs the greasy substances you have been ingesting so your stomach does not get overworked. Orange peels are great for removing the oily sensation after having a big meal.

Together with the other citrusy flavor, you will instantly feel revitalized and no longer bloated. The wholesome fruity collection eases your tensed-up muscles.

You won’t be lying in bed for hours struggling to fall asleep. When the discomfort is gone, you will be sleeping like a baby.

9. Hanan Nettle Tea: Best To Treat Prostate

Hanan Nettle Tea - 25 Tea Bags of Stinging Nettle Leaf and Root - All-Natural Herbal Tea of Wild...

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Bloating is possibly related to issues in your urinary tract and prostate. Therefore, keeping a healthy body overall improves the situation. Herbs are grown in the wild in Peru, giving them enriching flavors.

Nutrients are vital to activate your immune system, fighting against possible infections. These herbs have different properties that give you all-rounded protection.

The minty taste wakes you up so you can continue with your morning routine. You can replace it with your regular coffee.

10. VoomVaya TeaTox Booster Detox Tea For Menopausal Women: Best With Antioxidants

VoomVaya TeaTox Booster Senna Tea - 14-Day Herbal Detox Tea for Menopausal Women with Senna, Black...

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This tasty concoction includes senna leaf, dandelion, cardamom, and matcha. Matcha is rich in antioxidants, which boosts metabolism and keeps you young and healthy.

Cardamom has a distinct sweet taste that most people find irresistible. Together, this VoomVara tea is an easy fix to your bloating problems.

It balances out your hormones so you are not badly affected by changes due to medications or mood swings. You feel yourself calming down and finding peace. A detox tea is all you need to keep your zen.

11. My Miracle Tea Constipation Relief and Detox: Best To Treat Diarrhea

My Miracle Tea Constipation Relief and Detox (1 Month)

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Bloating can lead to constipation or diarrhea. Either way, it’s not pretty. My Miracle tea is here to help with your bowel movement. A healthy bowel movement means your body is processing the waste sufficiently.

My Miracle tea detoxes your body and injects nutrients to produce a healthier stool. Formulated by doctors, this tea does not neglect the need for an appealing aroma. Its minty smell is salivating and you will want to have a few biscuits with it.

It is safe to be consumed by people of all ages. If your underage child is experiencing constipation, you can give them some tea.

How Does Tea Help With Bloating?

Bloating is caused by a number of reasons, food being the most common. From the food you ingest, there is a lot of gas that is trapped in your stomach.

The gas can’t be passed as effectively. Thus, you feel bloated and uncomfortable.

People with a slow digestive system may experience bloating worse than others. Aside from the gas, you feel like there are a lot of fluids and substances waiting to be processed.

People with medical conditions like diabetes may develop gastroparesis.

Another reason is PMS. Before menstruation, your hormones change. Thus, you feel bloated and also have emotional changes. It’s natural for your body to go through this, but tea can make things better.

Woman Having a Cup of Tea

Teas like herbal teas usually contain ingredients that speed up your metabolism, allowing you to digest food more quickly. It reduces the air trapped in your body so you feel less uncomfortable.

Ingredients like ginger warm up your body, giving it an extra kick. Your body is then able to pass those toxins out.

For people with blood pressure issues, herbal tea can regulate blood circulation. It keeps you in shape and you are less likely to suffer from gastroparesis.

Most importantly, tea is known to relieve pain. It is scientifically proven that tea has a calming effect.

Drinking tea before bed can prepare you for a deep sleep ahead. Better sleep can also improve your bloating. Your body heals itself when given time to do so.

Tea can be the best medicine for sleep-deprived people.

Tea contains many properties. When they work together, it solves your bloating problem immediately. Tea is a healthy drink that you can consume frequently, even if you are not experiencing any discomfort.

In countries like India, people believe in the health benefits of tea. They drink tea daily to maintain a healthy body. Tea gives an optimal balance to your body indicators and is a natural way to put your body in tune.

When Should I Drink Tea For Bloating?

There is no time limit on drinking tea, especially if you opt for caffeine-free tea. Tea can be consumed anytime of the day and up to several cups a day. While there is no upper limit, it is generally agreed upon not to drink more than three to five cups a day.

Starting your day with tea is better for a bloated stomach than coffee. Coffee can lead to an upset stomach, while tea can soothe it.

It should give you the energy to carry on with your day. Then, you can either have another one during lunch or in the afternoon when you feel your bloating is coming back.

Drinking tea before bed keeps the bloating away for the night and gives you a good night’s sleep. It removes excess fluids in your body so it is not overworked.

Thus, your body can rest better. Since tea contains natural ingredients only, it is suitable for everyone.

How To Choose The Right Tea For Bloating?

A Person Wearing Sweater Pouring Tea on a Cup

1. Caffeine-free

The best tea for bloating rarely contains caffeine. However, some options do contain caffeine. When you are working and having a bad episode with bloating, you might need the extra kick to stay focused.

Caffeinated drinks are better. Yet, drinks like coffee can be too intrusive for your already sensitive stomach.

There is always a choice for everyone. Hence, you should decide if you want a caffeinated drink or not. Caffeinated drinks are not all evil and detrimental to your health.

When used correctly, they can be effective in bringing your spirits up.

2. Taste

Some scents stand out more than others. For example, ginger and licorice have incredible smells that do not float everyone’s boat. Some may find the taste obnoxious. Herbal tea is often a blend of herbs, which can include ingredients you strongly dislike.

Just because the label says chamomile tea, it doesn’t mean there is only chamomile. Therefore, you need to read the labels carefully.

3. Purpose

As mentioned, bloating can be caused by medical conditions, hormones, or excessive food consumption. Identifying the root cause helps pick out the right solution. There are tea manufacturers focusing on a specific niche.

If your bloating is mostly caused by PMS, then you should pick those highlighting this function. Choosing another tea will still give results, but it may not be as satisfactory.

Herbalists calculate the weight of the ingredients to magnify specific properties. That’s why some options address certain issues better than others.

What Relieves Bloating Instantly?

A Man Pouring a Hot Water for making a Tea on a Wooden Bowl

Tes is an instant relief for your bloating and can regulate your body functions. Other than tea, you can try out some of these methods when you are experiencing discomfort.

1. Walking/Jogging

Understandably, when you feel bloated, going on walks is the last thing you want. But it’s actually a quick fix to your distress. Walking heats up your internal system, forcing your organs to run at a faster rate to keep up with the physical demand.

Circulation is vital to keeping a healthy physique. Take a short walk around the block when you feel awful. It will get your body to remove the bad substances faster.

2. Yoga

Yoga coordinates your body so every organ can work harmoniously. The various postures move your internal organs back to the right places so they can carry out their due diligence.

Yoga may seem like a very calm exercise, but it helps big time with your bloating.

Also, yoga is a less physically demanding exercise compared to jogging. You can easily do it at home if you really don’t feel like going out. Grab your yoga mat and get a session going.

3. Massage

Whether you get it professionally done or by yourself, an abdomen massage is a great way to relax your tummy. It helps with digestion and gets the gas out of your system.

Unless you are experienced in giving massages, it is always recommended that you let a professional do it first.

Massaging the wrong area can intensify the symptoms. Consult with an expert or take some classes before attempting it at home. After the massage, you may feel the need to pass some gas. It is normal and proof that it has worked.

4. Take a Hot Shower/Bath

Taking a hot shower does the same job as running. It heats up your body so your digestive system and react better to the gas inside. The gas retaining in your body is the reason you keep feeling like you are about to throw up.

Curate the best bubble bath with your favorite scented bath bomb. It is therapeutic. A relaxed mind frees your body from stress so it can focus on processing chemicals inside. You can combat bloating by staying positive.

5. See a Doctor

If the bloating persists, you should investigate with your doctor to check for underlying issues. Persistent bloating can be a sign of more serious issues that require medical attention. Notify your doctor if you have any concerns.


Bloating is an awful feeling that repels you from enjoying life. Drinking tea is a natural way to get the negativity away. Check out the list above and tackle your bloating issue the right way. These options are affordable and effective. They are the solution for every tea lover.

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