SIBO Recommended Products

If you are struggling with SIBO or digestive problems, there are a few products that can help with symptom relief. I know it can be frustrating but there are treatment protocols and supplements which can really help.

I designed this product guide to equip you with the best SIBO supplements you can buy for treatment as well as symptom relief. I only display the most effective products for SIBO. I wish you a healthier gut and quality of life!

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SIBO Treatment Products

Gut Specific Hypnotherapy

IBS Audio Program

Lasting Relief From IBS Symptoms, Stress, and Anxiety

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SIBO Tests

SIBO breath test kit

3 Hour SIBO Breath Test (Lactulose)

3 hour lactulose breath test you can order without doctor.

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SIBO Herbal Antibiotics

allimed capsules


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(Lowest price on internet!)

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Elemental Diet Formula Ingredients

Pre-Made Elemental Diet Products:

absorb plus elemental formula
Absorb Plus

Best semi-elemental diet product currently on market. Vegan and non-vegan options available. This product is considered a semi-elemental diet.

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Homemade Elemental Diet Ingredients:

SIBO Diet Products

SIBO Survivor CookbookThe SIBO Survivor Cookbook

Gut-friendly Low-FODMAP cookbook to enjoy eating again

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Prokinetics to Improve Motility


Resolor or Erythromycin

(Prescription drug. Must consult with doctor)


Contains Ginger, Ginseng, and pepper.

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SIBO Symptom Relief Products




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Green Juice Without Fruit


activated charcoal

Bulletproof Activated Charcoal

(Take 1-2 hours away from food and medications.)

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Baking soda for reflux

1 tsp of Baking Soda in Water

Best Probiotics to Test for SIBO

Bath Soaks