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SIBO Elimination Toolkit

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Stats You NEED To Know:

1. IBS-SIBO is the most expensive disease in gastroenterology

2. 60% of IBS cases are caused by SIBO

3. Many patients conduct numerous tests which show nothing significant

4. Around 40% of people relapse after treatment without a prevention strategy

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Have You…..

Seen numerous doctors without any relief?

Spent $1,000’s of dollars on procedures that didn’t show anything?

Tried 100’s of different supplements?

Read tons of conflicting information online that makes your head spin?

Taken a course of antibiotics and relapsed right away?

Do You Experience…..

Painful stomach cramps, nausea, or abdominal pain?

Gas, bloating, constipation, or diarrhea?

Food sensitivities, fatigue, or skin problems?

Brain fog, Anxiety, or mood swings?

Then the Solving SIBO Toolkit is Your Answer.

What Can the SIBO Elimination Toolkit Do For You?

So… Are you ready to learn about, manage, and eliminate SIBO?

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What’s Inside The SIBO Elimination Toolkit?

4 Parts are Included:

1. SIBO Elimination Guidebook

The SIBO Elimination Guidebook is the best and most comprehensive guidebook on SIBO. It walks you through everything you need to know to attain better digestive function, a healthier body, improved confidence, and an expert level of understanding so that you can make the best healthcare choices for yourself today!


  • 21 easy-to-read chapters that will enable you to finally understand why you’re having issues and what you can do to feel better
  • A 3 step proven process to learn, treat and maintain optimal gut health
  • Health challenges and natural protocols you can implement today to see results
  • How the digestive system works and where SIBO fits into that puzzle
  • The main causes of SIBO and what you can do about them
  • How breath testing works and the preparation plan you need to follow to get accurate results
  • The different types of gases produced and what that means for treatment
  • Treatment options you can use and which one is best for you
  • A comprehensive SIBO strategy for severe cases

And SO much more….

2. SIBO Survivor Cookbook

The cookbook contains 50+ easy-to-prepare recipes and eating advice for optimal gut health so that you can enjoy eating again.

  •  Over 50+ delicious recipes for every meal: breakfast, lunch, dinner, soups, snacks, and desserts as well as tips and tricks I have found helpful eating with this condition.
  • Low-FODMAP and SCD friendly
  • Allows for a healthy variety of foods to maintain diversity
  • All recipes are made with whole foods and there is a blend of sweet and savory dishes

3. Healing Routines & Detox Guide

A simple guide with proven healing routines to incorporate that can help speed up your healing journey and reduce stress.

  • Why implementing healing routines in your protocol can make the difference between staying sick and healing
  • 5 different healing routines that can bust stress and keep your body firing on all cylinders

4. Supplements & Recommended Products Guide

A simple guidebook with recommended SIBO supplements. These supplements have been proven to provide symptomatic relief in times you most need it.

  • Specific supplements used for different symptoms including bloating, constipation, diarrhea, indigestion, and acid reflux.
  • Instructions for testing and using the supplements correctly

Start taking your life back and get the SIBO Toolkit today!

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If you’re frustrated and tired of dealing with SIBO or IBS I feel your pain. I’ve been there, it’s not easy.

Why Can I Help You?

You might be wondering why you should listen to me or how I have the credibility to help you learn about, manage, and eliminate SIBO?

I would ask the same questions.

Here’s why:

My name is Josh. I’m a normal guy who grew up in a family of doctors and always enjoyed learning about ways to improve my health. Like a lot of people, I came down with the typical nasty symptoms of SIBO & IBS a number of years ago and received the diagnosis after searching without answers for a few years. Coming down with SIBO had a dramatic impact on my life. The symptoms made life very challenging, to say the least.

I spent countless hours reading articles online and saw a bunch of different doctors including primary care physicians, regular gastroenterologists, and naturopathic doctors searching for answers. The most frustrating thing I realized was none of these doctors really knew what was going on! They would run tests and give me certain instructions which would just make my symptoms worse!

Not to mention most of them had very little knowledge of how to manage and treat SIBO if any.

After numerous ineffective treatment protocols and tons of misinformation, I decided I would have to study the research on my own, experiment, and seek out the best doctors who were familiar treating patients with CHALLENGING cases of SIBO. I needed to blend my own personal experiences with the latest science that the researchers were conducting to finally find relief!

This was the start of my healing journey. I was fortunate enough to attend research conferences, meet some amazing doctors, and work with a few of the top SIBO specialists on the planet. I began to learn that THERE ARE ways to manage and treat SIBO effectively. This is what I want to share with you.

It’s sad, but the reality is, most doctors aren’t working to reverse and prevent SIBO.

While I am NOT a doctor and always recommend that my followers work with an expert for medical advice, I also understand that access to a SIBO expert is hard to come by, expensive, and your time is very limited working with them.

I understand the suffering, frustration, and confusion that comes with this illness because I have personally lived with a severe case of SIBO. Trying to understand how to solve your issue when you hear conflicting information from 20 different doctors online is also frustrating.

I’m here to tell you that THERE IS hope. The information in this toolkit has worked for me and tons of other people to help them regain normal digestive function again. To regain confidence and a normal life.

This is why I created the Solving SIBO Toolkit. It’s a complete toolkit designed to help you figure out what’s going on, understand the different treatment options, and find a strategy which will enable you to eradicate and prevent SIBO from coming back even if you have a SEVERE case. It’s easy to understand and contains practical steps for improvement.

No, I’m not going to claim that I have a one size fits all “solution” because that isn’t possible. Everyone has a unique body. I’m also not going to claim that I’m 100% cured because I’m not. But, I have seen dramatic improvement and returned to a more normal lifestyle. I can even eat some wheat now! You can get there too with this Toolkit!

This is the exact guide I wished I had at the beginning of my health journey. It would have saved me so much frustration and $1,000’s of dollars in supplement and medical bills. Do yourself a favor and grab this resource!

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265+ Pages of Digital Enlightenment

What takes most people $1,000’s of dollars, 5+ different doctors, and countless hours searching the web you can gain in one package.

  • An expert level understanding of SIBO and the digestive system
  • Ability to ask important questions in your doctor visits and suggest helpful treatment options
  • An understanding of how you can finally prevent recurrence
  • A tasty cookbook which will allow you to enjoy food while reducing symptoms
  • Knowledge of which supplements can give you quick symptomatic relief when you most need it
  • A long-term treatment strategy for severe cases
  • Healing routines which will allow for improved treatment outcomes and more consistent health
  • Improved bowel movements, increased energy, more confidence, less gas/bloating, and an overall improvement in quality of life

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A Few Words From Our Customers

“As a physician dealing with SIBO, I am astounded how little information is available in this area to medical providers. The SIBO survivor website has been extremely helpful in pointing me to various internet resources, blogs, and symposiums.  The information given is unbiased and well researched.  Thanks to Josh for doing so much hard work on furthering the knowledge base of SIBO survival!”

– Cindy Sussman MD

“I had some very bad gastro problems and my Dr. prescribed the SIBO diet. I had no idea what it was all about- I looked it up on Google and I saw a listing for Josh. I got to read some of the books that he wrote! They really helped me get through this diet. Thank heavens! His books simplified this diet – I truly recommend them!”

– Kathy H

“Wow! Thank you Josh for putting together such an informative and approachable guide for SIBO patients. I wish I had had this at the beginning of my journey. This guide removes the guesswork from a complex healing process. Looking forward to incorporating some of this great info into my wellness plan.”

– George

“What I love most about SIBO Survivor is how honest and open Josh is with his SIBO condition and the journey he’s been on to treat it. It’s like reading advice from a friend! Not only that but his personal experience, as well as the knowledge he’s gained in the process, results in a comprehensive, reader-friendly guide to everything SIBO! This package is a must have if you’re dealing with gut issues.”

– Becca

I was fortunate enough to get Josh’s books on SIBO. This collection of books cover everything: understanding SIBO, treatments of SIBO, dealing & living with the emotional stress of having SIBO, and RECIPES! These books are informative and the recipes are easy with simple ingredients. There are meat as well as veggie recipes and yes….desserts! This collection of books won’t be just a one time read, you will be able to use them as reference because living with SIBO is a constant learning process.As a “survivor” of SIBO I am healing my tummy and can finally say…..lets eat!

– Jazelle

“Josh’s website is a very informative and inspiring website. The content of the website, Youtube channel, and the products are really helpful if you want to take your SIBO healing to the next level! The e-book package combines all the helpful knowledge that Josh has gathered during his SIBO journey in a simple easy-to-read format. Subscribing to the e-mail list has been a very good decision also. I highly recommend his products.”

– Erik

“I can’t believe there is finally an amazing, comprehensive guide to solving SIBO. I’ve spent years feeling lonely and miserable, to being told that my symptoms were just in my head. Since I got the SIBO diagnosis, it’s been difficult to find any information about it online. Because SIBO Survivor is about someone who is actually going through SIBO, this guide is not only personal and reassuring, but Josh gives you an insight into what he’s done to get himself to the point of living a “normal” life and how you can to. You’ll find information explaining what SIBO actually is, right up to how you can deal with recurring symptoms. To me, this is absolutely gold dust information. This is now my go to guide which I will be reading time and time again!”

– Annie

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you decide to purchase this toolkit, read the materials, and use your new knowledge to guide you on your health journey there is NO WAY you will not improve. I’m confident it will help you.

If for some reason you’re not satisfied with the Toolkit or information inside I promise to give you your money back. All you have to do is send an email. It took me hundreds of hours and years worth of testing & learning to be able to create these materials.

It’s sad to think about how much time and money the normal person spends on ineffective medical care. If you put this deal into perspective, it’s a no-brainer.

You literally have nothing to lose!

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