IBS Audio Program 100 Gut-Specific Hypnotherapy

 Lasting Relief From IBS Symptoms, Stress, and Anxiety

What is the IBS Audio Program 100?

The IBS Audio hypnosis program is a 100-day medical grade hypnotherapy program which takes you through progressive, calming meditations and guided imagery to help calm your gut and soothe anxieties and fears related to IBS.

The program was developed by Michael Mahoney, a leading hypnotherapist from the UK who has had tremendous success helping IBS patients. Many doctors have referred IBS patients to Michael after countless other pharmacological treatments have failed.

Current research has shown that IBS definitely is not “all in your head”, but there is a really important psychological component to the illness that most people fail to address. On the mental health side of things, this program is the best tool out there which will allow you to calm your gut and body overall, allowing it to heal.

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