Elemental Diet for SIBO 
mixing an elemental diet shake for sibo

Using an elemental diet for SIBO is one of the most effective treatment methods out there. It can starve off the bacteria in only 2 weeks! This does not mean that it is without its challenges. Going without food for 2 weeks can be tough for some people and there are certain things that you need to keep in mind.

I designed this guide to help you learn about the elemental diet and to use it to help manage your digestive condition. The elemental formula can be such an awesome treatment if you use it correctly, have the right mindset, and are prepared for the challenges going into it. I also broke down all the different product options available so that you can save time and money!

What is an Elemental Diet and How Does It Treat SIBO?

The elemental diet is a medical food consisting of pre-digested powdered nutrients in an easily absorbed form. It contains all of the nutrients humans need to live broken down so that they are absorbed higher up in the small intestine. This starves off the overgrowth of bacteria in the case of SIBO and allows the gut to rest.

There are several components in the elemental formula. Proteins are broken down into amino acids, carbohydrates as glucose or maltodextrin, fat as different oils, and essential vitamins/minerals. There should not be any fiber, full proteins, or complex carbohydrates in an elemental diet. The powder looks similar to a typical protein powder which is mixed into a shake.

The SIBO elemental diet works by feeding the person but starving the overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestine. This method kills the bacteria by starvation. The researched protocol for SIBO is for 14 days using the elemental formula in place of regular food. It is proven to be one of the most effective treatment options with an 80-84% success rate. Patients usually do a repeat breath test after the protocol to measure the changes from the lactulose breath test.

 astronaut drinking elemental formula

Fun Fact: Elemental shakes were first developed by NASA when they wondered how to feed astronauts on long space journeys. Other researchers considered the elemental formula for food allergies, malabsorption, and other digestive tract malfunctions. This is where the idea for the elemental diet sprung up from.

 What is The Difference Between Elemental & Semi-Elemental Diet?

elemental diet vs semi elemental

A lot of times people can get confused between the elemental diet and the semi-elemental diet. The elemental diet is used specifically as a medical food as the main source of nutrition while semi-elemental diet products can be used as a supplemental product along with whole foods.

It is important to remember that if you are using an elemental diet to treat SIBO it must be a full elemental formula without whole proteins or fiber and in place of all food. Bacteria feed on fiber and full proteins so using a semi-elemental diet to treat SIBO will not have the same effect. However, a semi-elemental diet can be a useful supplement for those with chronic SIBO who want a simple source of nutrition that allows the gut to rest.

Elemental Diet Does Not Contain:

  • Full proteins or peptides
  • Complex Carbohydrates or fiber
  • Other food ingredients

When to Use an Elemental Diet for SIBO

The elemental formula is one of the best treatment options for SIBO. It is often times more effective than taking antibiotics. If a patient has the willpower to go through with this treatment option it is highly recommended but it can be challenging. In specific cases it is especially recommended:

  • Very high gas levels
  • Methane positive (methane can be tougher to treat)
  • Sensitive to herbs and medications
  • Super restricted diet
  • Has been resistant to other treatments and antibiotics
  • Patient prefers natural option

Pros & Cons of Using Elemental Diet to Treat SIBOelemental diet pros and cons


  • 80-84% success rate
  • Can order yourself online
  • Can dramatically reduce gas levels and symptoms in a 2 week course
  • Can reduce the need for antibiotics and their side effects
  • Allows the person to take a break from preparing meals


  • Buying the product can be expensive
  • Not allowed to eat food for 14 days
  • Die-Off Symptoms can be severe
  • Some people cannot tolerate the taste as well

What to Expect During Elemental Diet Treatment

It is very important to beware of possible side effects when undertaking the elemental diet. This will help ease the transition into the all liquid diet and help give you peace of mind knowing that there are side effects that most people experience when starting. The first week of the diet is usually the most challenging and I can personally confirm that to be true.

Typical Side Effects People Experience:

  • Headaches (allowed to take some Tylenol or Advil)
  • Diarrhea (May become explosive at times so make sure there is a bathroom nearby)
  • Constipation
  • Cramps
  • Body aches & pains as well as fatigue
  • Aggravation of symptoms
  • Lightheadedness if you wait too long to drink the food because of blood sugar swings
  • Mouth can get nasty because of the simple sugars you drink all the time. Brush teeth more frequently

My Personal Experience:

The elemental diet can be a challenge, but most of the time it’s totally worth it. I definitely experienced some annoying symptoms while undertaking the diet and it took total commitment to get through it. Even though it can be a challenge, I totally recommend it because after I was done my gut felt so much better. I created a PDF that details my journey with the 14 day elemental diet so that you can do it with clear expectations.

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SIBO Elemental Diet Buying Guide

It is important to buy the right amount of elemental formula for the 14 day diet. If you decide to buy the packets it is also important to find the best online retailer to buy it from so that you can get a great deal and service. I have done all the work for you so that you can simply choose your source and enter the number of packets you require for the 14 day period. I have used the ready made packets and also made my own formula before which is more burdensome but has its benefits. Below is my breakdown of the best elemental diet drinks.

Products You Can Take

  1. Vivonex Plus Elemental Formula (Product used in research)
  2. Physicians Elemental Formula by Integrative Therapeutics (Need prescription)
  3. Homemaking your own formula
Vivonex PlusAnyone can order online
Least amount of hassle
Some people don’t like the taste
Physicians Elemental DietNewest formulation
Good price
Decent tasting
Need a prescription to buy
HomemakingCan pick your own ingredient sources
Anyone can order online
Requires much more planning and calculating


  • I think the easiest option would be to order the Vivonex Plus for 14 days if you don’t have a problem getting used to the taste. Most people find that at the beginning of the diet they think the taste is unpleasant but as they get used to it they are fine. I have found that when your body gets hungry and you’re not eating for pleasure it doesn’t matter as much.
  • The physicians elemental diet is probably the best overall product but you will have to get a prescription from your doctor who will need to contact Integrative Therapeutics. I hope in the future they decide to make their product available without a prescription so it is easier to obtain.
  • If you have the time and are willing to calculate the amounts of specific ingredients you need to make your own elemental diet, the homemaking option can be a good. This option is just more of a hassle to organize. I have made my own before and found it to be a good option if you have more time.

How Much Product Do You Need?

You need to make sure to get sufficient calories in while doing an elemental diet. You do not want to lose too much weight on this diet so be sure to drink all of your formula. Below are the number of packets per day for Vivonex Plus. If you go with Physicians Elemental Diet you will need to go to their website and total up the number of scoops you need for the duration of the diet. To figure out the total amount of product you need to order from their site you first find out how many calories you need per day, then find out how many scoops that equals, then multiply the number of scoops per day by 14 for the duration of the treatment.

Vivonex Plus Product Amount

HeightPackages Per DayCalories Per Day

Total Packages to Order for 14 Days:

5 a day=70 packages

6 a day=84 packages

7 a day=98 packages

Price Comparison for Different Retail Options

Below is a price comparison I did when ordering 84 packets for my 14 day treatment as I am 5’10. You can use the comparison to see how the retailers compare in price. If you have a different number of total packets the pricing options will still be comparatively the same for the total cost.

 Vivonex Plus AmazonVivonex Plus CWI MedicalPhysicians Integrative Therapeutics
Amount14 cases (each case contains 6 packets)2 cartons (36 packets per carton)

2 cases (6 packets per case)
Need 168 scoops for 14 day treatment

(12 scoops per day=1800 calories)
Total Packets8484168 scoops total
Unit Price$60 per case$240 per case (36 packets)

$48 per carton (6 packets)
$123 for 36 scoop bag

$53 for 12 scoop bag
Total Price$840$576$598


The best deal is CWI Medical followed by Physicians Integrative Therapeutics. If you want to order from Physicians Therapeutics you need a prescription from your doctor. To order Vivonex Plus from CWI Medical you do not need a prescription and anyone can order the packets online. I ordered my packets from CWI and had great service. Check out CWI here.

absorb plus semi elemental drinkSemi-Elemental Formula Uses & Products

There are a few different semi-elemental formulas on the market. Although these products are not used specifically for treating SIBO they offer a good source of nutrition following the elemental diet or alongside a healthy whole food diet when you deal with digestive issues to let your gut rest. Sometimes if you have a really tricky case of SIBO you may find supplementing with a semi-elemental diet really helpful. There are a couple great product options to try:

  1. Absorb Plus from Listen to Your Gut- This is a very high quality semi-elemental diet product made without artificial ingredients or preservatives. It is made with casein and lactose free whey protein which a lot of people can tolerate. They also have vegan elemental shake options in their shop to try out if you cannot tolerate the source of high quality whey they use in this mix.
  2. Making your own drinks buy purchasing individual ingredients from LYTG shop or Amazon.

How to Make Your Own Semi-Elemental Shake



  1. Add one cup or more water to a blender bottle
  2. Add all ingredients (open capsules and pour)
  3. Shake
  4. Sip slowly to absorb nutrients better

hanging in there with siboConclusion

If you want a highly effective proven way to treat SIBO the elemental diet is a great option. Make sure you consult with your doctor and get help from them throughout the process as well. It can be a challenge to adjust at first but with some perseverance you can get through the 2 week treatment.

Also, to prevent recurrence it is wise to stick to a healthy diet and investigate any other preventative measures with your doctor. If you are just looking for a supplement to give your gut some rest alongside whole foods the semi-elemental diet drinks are very helpful. Best of luck on your health journey and hang in there!