5 Herbal Best Teas For Treating Congestion

5 Best Teas For Congestion & Benefits of Drinking It

Best Teas For Congestion

Herbal teas have been around for thousands of years. Since the dawn of civilization, people have discovered the magic of herbal teas. They help with an upset stomach.

Though calling them tea can be a little misleading in essence. Unlike the Darjeeling or Oolong in, herbal tea isn’t from the same Camellia sinensis plant family. In fact, herbal teas are mainly made from tree bark, flowers, dried fruits, spices, or herbs.

On different continents, herbal teas have diverse differences in their tastes and flavors. The one thing they all have in common is their invariably health-promoting properties. Herbal teas are considered the best for those suffering from congestion problems.

In this article, we will go through a list of powerful herbal teas that you should keep in your cupboard.

Editor’s Top Picks

If you don’t have time to read the complete article, check out our top picks below.

Best Tea For Congestion

1. Good Earth – Sensorial Blends Ginger, Tumeric & Lemon Herbal Tea

  • Boosts immune system
  • Helps digestion

The Good Earth tea is the best for a zesty brew. It boosts your immune system and helps fight infection. When seasonal flu hits due to weather changes, the Good Earth tea is the perfect tea to combat the unpleasantness.

In addition, brewing some ginger turmeric and lemon tea can help with digesting after a big meal. It contains a high vitamin C level that reduces pain and inflammation. You can add a spoonful of honey for a sweeter taste. The eco-friendly package and tea bags are biodegradable, which is a big plus for those with a heart for the environment.

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2. Twinings of London – Pure Rooibos Herbal Red Tea Bags

  • Antioxidant-rich, preventing disease
  • Anti-aging properties

The English people are possibly the earliest groups to spread the concept of healthy tea. To this day, English tea is still a popular morning drink. As one of the finest and most historical brands in Europe, this Rooibos tea by Twinings has many health benefits.

Originated from South Africa, rooibos is a flavorful and caffeine-free plant that is rich in antioxidants. It protects against cancer, heart disease, and stroke. Furthermore, it is anti-aging with the effect of reducing visible wrinkles.

Rooibos tea is made using leaves from a shrub that is native to the western coast of South Africa. It is widely consumed there for its health and beauty benefits. The taste alone is not so distinct, making it an ideal bedtime tea to not over-stimulate your tastebuds.

You can add milk and sugar based on your personal taste. The mild flavors make it a great counterpart for other tea leaves to make iced tea or lattes.

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3. Harney & Sons Chamomile Herbal Tea

  • Lowers blood sugars
  • Good for sleep

This premium tin-packed herbal tea contains the finest chamomile flowers from Egypt. The company only uses the flower heads without the stalk, guaranteeing maximum flavor.

This tea has a strong floral smell with a subtle fruity smell, which is refreshing in the mornings. Chamomile tea lowers blood sugar and is particularly good for those who have diabetes. It is also widely thought to help people sleep as the lovely smell reduces one’s stress level.

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4. Autoimmunitea – AIP Diet Brain Fog Herbal Tea For Focus & Memory

  • Stimulates brain function
  • Removes toxins from the body

Brewing yourself a pot of anti-brain fog tea after waking up should be a routine for busy professionals. This tea is made from a handpicked blend of herbs. It helps stimulate your brain activity for a clear mind and overall mental health.

No additives like preservatives are added to ensure a natural base. The Ginkgo Biloba tea is guaranteed to sustain a balanced body and remove toxins in the body.

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5. Hyleys Natural Wellness Ginseng with Green Tea

  • Helps circulation
  • Anti-aging properties

Ginseng is a root plant popularly consumed in Asia, especially in China and Korea. For thousands of years, the plant has been used in beverages for its anti-aging benefits.

This tea improves physical endurance and enhances one’s concentration. In eastern traditional medicine, ginseng is considered to have “hot” properties. During the cold winter months, a hot cup of ginseng tea can help with coldness on the hands and feet. Hyleys’ Ginseng tea boosts your blood circulation and promotes vitality in those limbs.

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Brewing Your Own Herbal Tea

Oftentimes, herbal teas on the market are mixed with various leaves and herbs. The taste may not be the most alluring if you are not into certain ingredients. If you want to craft the perfect herbal tea that fits your taste the best, homebrewed herbal teas are an option.

Loose leaf herbal tea is what you are looking for. You can mix and match any herbal leaves for this. To brew it, get yourself a teapot with a filter in it to separate the used tea leaves from the brewed tea. Take about a spoon full of tea leaves of your choice (you can mix as many types as you want) and add around a cup of hot water into the pot.

Brewing it for 3-5 minutes would be sufficient. A cup of over-brewed tea can turn bitter as the best elements are burnt. The water to the tea leaf ratio should be adjusted according to your preference. Experiment with it a few times to get a satisfactory result.

Make sure to clean the pot right after you finish drinking. Otherwise, leftover tea marks will stain your cups and pots. Simply rinse the equipment under the tap. There is no need to use detergent as they are oil-free beverages.

What Are The Other Benefits Of Herbal Tea?

Woman in Gray Sweater Sitting on Bed Drinking Coffee

Aside from helping with your digestive system, there are plenty of other health benefits to drinking herbal teas.

Boosting Your Immune System

Modern medicine evolved from plant-based treatment. Our ancestors already had extensive knowledge about how herbs can boost the immune system. Drinking a hot cup of tea when they are feeling a little under the weather. Some herbal teas have preventative effects on illnesses to keep you away from the doctor.

Absorbing Nutrients Quicker

In today’s eating culture, diets are lacking the essential thick fiber that the digestive system needs. Humans are less able to fully absorb the nutrients intake. Herbal tea can absorb gas and contain phenols to strengthen your stomach muscles. They can reduce the discomfort of feeling too full after a big meal and help you absorb nutrients better and faster.

Reducing Pain

Herbal teas are natural painkillers due to their anti-inflammatory properties. They mitigate aches and pains without the negative side effects of traditional medicines like painkillers. It also lifts the burden of your already-sick stomach by pumping all-natural ingredients into it. Unless you require medical treatment, herbal teas are fantastic alternatives for small sicknesses such as the flu.

Improving Your Sleep Quality

A hot cup of herbal tea has a calming effect on the mind. It relaxes you to prepare you for a great night’s sleep. Your neurotransmitter is affected by the herbs. The pleasant smell from the tea reminds your brain of nature, which calms your nerves and makes you feel safe. Hence, you will be able to fall asleep more easily.

Stimulating Brain Function

Some herbal teas stimulate brain function and speed up the synthesis of nerve growth. Studies have shown that people who drink herbal teas regularly have a natural defense against age-related mental decline and a sharper brain activity level.

Calorie-Free And Caffeine-Free

Just like water, herbal teas are calorie-free. It means you will not gain fat or experience a rise in blood sugar levels by drinking them. They are also typically caffeine-free, as opposed to most other teas. Thus, it will not give you sleepless nights. For those that are trying to quit coffee, trying some caffeine-free herbal teas is a feasible solution.


Herbal teas come with countless health benefits. The plenty of options means you will never run out of choices and new ideas. Keep some of the above herbal teas in your cabinet to protect your digestion system so you never have to suffer from congestion again.

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