8 Best Probiotics For Lactose Intolerance [2023 Guide]

8 Best Probiotics For Lactose Intolerance – Ultimate Guide

If you suffer from lactose intolerance, you know the frustration that comes with it all too well. Indigestion can really interfere with your life, but here at SIBO Survivor, we think that life is too short to feel miserable after enjoying a simple ice cream cone!

Many people don’t realize that probiotics can actually reduce your lactose intolerance symptoms. Our top probiotic pick for lactose intolerance is MegaFood MegaFlora Probiotic Supplement because of its high CFU count and excellent price point, but read on for a comprehensive list of probiotic options.

How do you choose the best probiotic to treat your lactose intolerance, and how can probiotics help? This article will provide a probiotic buying guide for people with lactose intolerance so you can make the best choice for your dollar and get back to feeling good.

Will Probiotics Help Lactose Intolerance?


Yes! Studies show that probiotics can help your lactose intolerance symptoms.

This 2018 review [1] found “that probiotic bacteria in fermented and unfermented milk products can be used to alleviate the clinical symptoms of lactose intolerance (LI).”

This systematic review evaluated the effectiveness of probiotics in treating lactose intolerance using 15 randomized double-blind studies. Researchers used eight probiotic strains with the greatest number of proven benefits in the studies.

Researchers reported that “results showed varying degrees of efficacy but an overall positive relationship between probiotics and lactose intolerance.”

They also noted that “studies have shown that probiotics exhibit various health beneficial properties such as improvement of intestinal health, enhancement of the immune responses, and reduction of serum cholesterol.”

And according to Harvard Health, “Since the mid-1990s, clinical studies suggest that probiotic therapy can help treat several gastrointestinal ills, delay the development of allergies in children, and treat and prevent vaginal and urinary infections in women.” [2]

Furthermore, many probiotic bacterial strains produce beta-galactosidase which is an enzyme that can break down lactose in the gut much like lactase. [3]

Probiotics For Lactose Intolerance: Our Top Recommendations

Here are our top pics for probiotics that help fight lactose intolerance. For more information on criteria to consider when choosing probiotics, see our buying guide below.

1. MegaFood MegaFlora Probiotic Supplement

MegaFood MegaFlora Probiotic - Probiotics for Women & Men - Probiotics for Digestive Health & Immune...

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MegaFood is a trusted brand that has been around since 1973, and its probiotics do not disappoint. The MegaFlora probiotic is an affordable choice with excellent reviews and reported results.


  • Contains 20 billion CFU, a very high concentration
  • Contains 14 different strains of helpful bacteria
  • Good price point per capsule
  • GMO-free; contains no gluten, dairy, or soy
  • Vegan and vegetarian formula
  • Certified B Corporation, meaning it meets rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability
  • Tested for 125+ herbicides and pesticides; certified glyphosate residue-free, the world’s most common herbicide
  • Small, easy to swallow capsules
  • 4.6 average star reviews on Amazon out of 433 ratings


  • Not shelf-stable: requires refrigeration or freezing, so it is unsuitable for travel

2. Ora Organic Prebiotic and Probiotic Powder Supplement

Ora Organic Prebiotic and Probiotic Powder Supplement - 20 Billion Probiotics, 7 Strains for Best...

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Ora is a reputable brand known for its highest-quality sourced ingredients. The Organic Prebiotic and Probiotic Powder Supplement is a reliable, shelf-stable probiotic powder excellent for travel and healing IBS symptoms. With its high concentration of bacteria, you will notice its effects quickly.


  • Contains 20 billion CFU, a very high concentration
  • Has prebiotics as well which support the existing beneficial bacteria in your gut
  • Contains L. reuteri, a probiotic strain particularly beneficial for women
  • Suitable for all ages and genders
  • Shelf-stable and suitable for travel- no refrigeration is required!
  • Great for sensitive stomachs and those suffering from lactose intolerance and IBS
  • Certified organic
  • Comes in a tasty apple raspberry and lavender lemonade flavor
  • Certified Climate Pledge Friendly, made with sustainable practices; compact design means fewer resources are needed to ship this product
  • Vegan and vegetarian formula that contains no genetically modified ingredients, lactose, gluten, sugar, artificial preservatives, artificial flavors, or artificial colors
  • 4.4 average star reviews on Amazon out of 507 ratings


  • Higher price point than competitors
  • The high concentration of CFUs may be too much for some people; those concerned can start with a half dose to see how their body adjusts before increasing the dosage

3. Pure Encapsulations Probiotic G.I.

Pure Encapsulations Probiotic G.I. | Shelf Stable Probiotic for Bone Health, Lean Body Mass,...

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The Pure Encapsulations Probiotic G.I.is an excellent probiotic to treat a wide variety of gut issues including lactose intolerance. Pure Encapsulations is a trusted brand with 30-year history of high-quality products and supplements, and with great reviews, you can’t go wrong with this probiotic.


  • Contains 10 billion CFU, a higher concentration than most other brands
  • Contains no lactose, artificial preservatives, artificial flavors, artificial colors, dairy, soy, nuts, gluten, yeast, coatings, shellacs, eggs, or fish products
  • Shelf-stable and suitable for travel- no refrigeration is required!
  • Can provide immune support through its beneficial microflora; supports proper gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT) function and development which maintains normal immune system function
  • Certified Climate Pledge Friendly, made with sustainable practices; compact design means fewer resources are needed to ship this product
  • 4.7 average star reviews on Amazon out of 960 ratings


  • Higher price point than competitors

4. Dr. Bo Prebiotic & Probiotic

Vegan Probiotics for Women Men - Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Rhamnosus Probiotic Capsules with...

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The Dr. Bo Prebiotic and Probiotic is a popular choice that comes highly positively reviewed on Amazon, with many people reporting great benefits. It supports a healthy microbiome and is an excellent probiotic to fight lactose intolerance and support your gut health.


  • Contains ten different types of probiotics
  • Contains prebiotics as well which feed the existing helpful bacteria in your gut
  • Shelf-stable and suitable for travel- no refrigeration required!
  • Suitable for both children and adults
  • Contains no fillers like rice, gluten, casein, maltodextrin and hemicellulose
  • Is third party lab tested
  • Safe during and after pregnancy for prenatal or postnatal women
  • Vegan and vegetarian formula that contains no wheat, dairy, gluten, casein, soy, nuts, rice, yeast, sugar, oats, stimulants, or animal products
  • Comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • 4.6 average star reviews on Amazon out of 171 ratings


  • Does not list the CFU
  • Can cause intestinal discomfort, including flatulence, bloating, stomach noises, belching, cramping, and diarrhea in some people

5. Pure Encapsulations – Probiotic 123

Pure Encapsulations Probiotic 123 | Children's Probiotic Support for Healthy Intestinal Microflora*...

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Pure Encapsulations is special because, while it’s great for adults, it’s actually made for kids and is very gentle on the gut. It comes in powder form and can be mixed in any drink, making it convenient to consume anytime. It has a reasonable price point making it a good value for your money.


  • Contains 2.25 billion CFU derived from three different types of probiotics
  • Can be unrefrigerated for a few days- this brand’s probiotics can tolerate three to five days at room temperature without falling below the label claim
  • Supports the mucosal lining of the G.I. tract and healthy G.I. barrier function
  • A natural formula that contains no wheat, eggs, tree nuts & peanuts, gluten, artificial colors, flavors & sweeteners, coatings and shellacs, GMOs, and
  • unnecessary binders, fillers & preservatives
  • Vegetarian and vegan formula
  • 4.2 average star reviews on Amazon


  • Some people report an unpleasant taste
  • Lower CFU than competitors

6. Digestive Advantage Daily Probiotics + Lactose Support

Digestive Advantage Lactose Defense Capsules (96 Count In A Box) - Helps Breaks Down Lactose &...

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This probiotic is a fusion of lactase enzymes and probiotics, an excellent choice for those suffering from lactose intolerance. However, it has a lower CFU count and more fillers than other probiotics on the market.


  • Contains probiotics and lactase enzymes for all-day lactose intolerance support
  • Very affordable price when compared to other probiotics on the market
  • Contains no artificial flavors
  • Helps break down lactose and relieves minor abdominal discomfort while supporting digestive balance
  • Stomach-stable, protected by a natural protein shell to help it survive stomach acid 100X better and increase its effectiveness
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Suitable for children
  • Vegan and vegetarian formula free of GMOs
  • Contains 3 billion CFU
  • 4.7 average star reviews on Amazon out of 1950 ratings


  • Contains gluten, so unsuitable for people with Celiac disease
  • Contains soy
  • Fewer CFUs than many other probiotics
  • Contains more fillers than competitors

7. Nutrition Essentials Probiotic Digestive Health Support Formula

Probiotics for Women and Men - With Natural Lactase Enzyme and Prebiotic Fiber for Digestive Health...

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The Nutrition Essentials probiotic contains lactase, perfect for those with lactose intolerance. Plus, it is affordable and stomach-stable- you can’t go wrong!


  • Contains lactase
  • Contains third party verified 1.125 billion CFU; while this is lower than some other probiotics, these strains are more likely to reach the intestine
  • Comes in an easy to swallow tablet form
  • Vegetarian formula free of gluten
  • Contains probiotics that survive stomach acids better than most in this proven stomach-stable formula
  • Made in the USA
  • Great price point
  • Contains prebiotics
  • Formula is non-constipating and gentle on the gut with a neutral pH
  • Heat- and light-proof packaging keeps probiotics fresher longer and prolongs potency by 62%
  • 4.4 average star reviews on Amazon out of 36,600 (!) ratings


  • Fewer CFUs than many other probiotics

8. Seeking Health Bacillus Coagulans

Seeking Health Bacillus Coagulans | 3 Billion CFU | 60 Acid-Resistant Vegetarian Capsules

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The Seeking Health Bacillus Coagulans is a newer probiotic on the scene, but it comes highly reviewed. Many people have had great success in reducing their indigestion; it supports a healthy microbiome and is an excellent choice to support your gut health.


  • Contains 3 billion CFU
  • Good price point
  • Shelf-stable and suitable for travel- no refrigeration is required!
  • Contains no milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, GMO, gluten, or artificial colors
  • Vegan and vegetarian formula
  • 4.5 average star reviews on Amazon out of 44 ratings


  • Lower concentration of CFUs than competitors
  • Interested in giving it a try? Find this product on Amazon here!

What to Consider When Buying Probiotics for Lactose Intolerance

When choosing a probiotic for a specific problem like lactose intolerance, it’s important to choose one with the right strains that target your area of concern. One that includes lactase, the enzyme that helps you digest lactose, is helpful. And of course, ensure the one you buy does not contain milk or lactose.

Shelf Stability

In order to propagate, live in your gut, and support your health, the probiotics need to be alive, but our stomach acids naturally attack the incoming bacteria. Therefore, choosing a product that can bypass stomach acids so the bacteria can survive is essential.

When choosing your probiotic for lactose intolerance, look for a shelf-stable product with capsules that are stomach-stable.

The Number of Colony Forming Units (CFU)

Colony Forming Units are the number of bacteria and yeast contained in your probiotic that can divide and form colonies. Many experts recommend between 6 and 10 billion CFU daily (remember that some of these will come from your diet, not solely your probiotic). More isn’t always better; choosing the right probiotic for you with good shelf-stability can be more important than a higher CFU.

It’s best to start with a smaller dose until you see how your gut handles it. This is because some people experience diarrhea or constipation when they start probiotics. So if your probiotic bottle recommends two a day, start with one for a few days before increasing your dose.

Third-party Testing Verification

Variations in storage conditions, transit methods, and the place of origin can affect the potency of your probiotic or even lead to bacterial contamination. A good probiotic will be third-party tested for potency and safety.

Prebiotic Content

Prebiotics are the food that your healthy gut bacteria feast on. Incorporating prebiotic supplements and foods into your diet means you take care of the helpful bacteria that are already in your gut, plus feeding the new ones you introduce with probiotics.

Added Ingredients

Many supplements, especially gummies, contain additives like sugar, guar gum, and preservatives. It is best to choose one with minimal ingredients to reduce the chance of getting indigestion from these additives.


Many probiotics need to be refrigerated. This is not necessarily a problem, but if you want a probiotic that you can take on the road with you, you may want to find one that does not require refrigeration. However, all gummies can melt, so it’s still best to keep them in a cool place whenever possible.

Money-back guarantee

Because not every probiotic is right for everyone, it’ helps to choose a probiotic with a money-back guarantee.


Indigestion doesn’t have to ruin your day! Probiotics are a great option that can help you calm your lactose intolerance symptoms. The right probiotic can help you reduce lactose intolerance symptoms, heal your gut, and feel better. But it’s crucial to do your homework before purchasing because the wrong probiotic can actually make your lactose intolerance worse.

For the best results, choose a shelf- and stomach- stable probiotic with a high CFU count that contains no lactose, has third-party testing, and contains minimal added ingredients. With the right probiotic on your side, you’ll be able to enjoy that ice cream cone in peace.

Written by Stephanie Moore

Stephanie is a professional writer who is a ‘SIBO survivor’ herself with broad experience writing in the health field. She is a regular writer for SIBO Survivor and calls Berlin, Germany home.


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