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11 Best Online Tea Store To Find The Perfect Tea

Do you always hear about exciting new flavors of tea but never seem to be able to find them in the shops? Do you want to explore the wonderful physical and mental health benefits that come from drinking different teas?

Or perhaps you just love the ease of buying your favourite teas online. Whatever your reasons for wanting to buy tea online, I’m sure you’ll agree, you just want to find a trusted retailer with great choice, great quality and affordable prices.

So whether you are looking for tea bags, loose leaf tea or powder tea, whether you are a fruit tea fanatic or a matcha baby, or whether you want to find an organic store or one that can give you great advice at the same time, you have come to the right place.

We have compiled a comprehensive list of awesome online tea stores so that tea lovers, old and new, can find the perfect tea, and then some. Check out our selection below and let’s hope you find a store that is your cup of tea (cup of tea…geddit?)

11 Best Online Tea Stores (2022 Update)

1. Tea Box

Teabox Green Tea


Tea Box is all about celebrating nature through an enormous selection of natural and organic teas. The brand avoids chemicals, preservatives and artificial flavours so you know what you are getting is pure and naturally restorative.

Oh, and we also love that they are totally ecologically-minded, using eco-friendly packaging made from 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard. Plus the company makes it their mission to always use high quality, fresh ingredients so the flavour and quality of their teas are really top notch.

You can find all kinds of tea in their online store. We are talking loose leaf teas, herbal teas and green teas, chakra teas, black teas as well as premium and specialty blends and more! We also love their gift baskets and bundles.

As well as offering a wide selection, they also inform you of the different benefits of different teas as you browse through the site and give you brewing tips. This is great so that you can really choose wisely and maximize the benefits of tea by choosing the best-suited one for you.

Prices and shipping are super affordable and they even offer discounts if you buy several bags in one purchase. What are you waiting for?

2. Vahdam Teas

VAHDAM Advent Calendar 2023 (200g/7.06oz) 24 Unique Loose-Leaf Teas - Luxury Gift Box - Advent...

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For lovers of Indian teas, Vahdam Teas is like heaven on… the internet. From an aromatic chai to a speciality Darjeeling blend, Vadham houses a spectacular collection. They bring you hand-picked Indian teas straight to your cup, packaging them in their facility in New Delhi — all without the usual middleman.

This means that as well as being fresh and high quality, the production is also totally ethical. They aim to locally empower the farmers and workers they partner with by paying fair prices, instead of the typical bulk exports that the tea industry in India often relies on.

The tea selection is vast and delicious with black teas, green teas, oolong teas, white teas, chai teas, herbal teas and other speciality teas. We also absolutely love the Turmeric Superfood Elixirs and matcha teas on offer.

If you are new to drinking teas or want to explore some new flavours, you must try Vahdam’s Tea Samplers. These are packs of tea with a small taster of 10 different teas in each, so you can really broaden your tea horizons and discover new flavours.

People really rave about the authentic flavour of these teas straight from India. A total must-try!

3. The Tea Spot

THE TEA SPOT, Organic Functional Botanical Tea Sampler | 60 Pyramid Tea Bags Count | 5 Variety Box:...

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The Tea Spot has health and wellness at the core. The company’s founder, who made a recovery from cancer, thoroughly endorses the therapeutic powers of tea and the whole ethos of the brand is to empower people to live a healthy life.

That’s why they also donate 10% of all profits to cancer survivors and wellness programs. The Tea Spot offers a great range of high-quality teas with the choice of loose leaf tea, pyramid sachets and anything from breakfast tea to chai.

We love that on their website you can browse tea by function such as Digestion, Sleep, Throat-Soother etc, or by flavor for example Citrus, Spiced or Chocolate. The Tea Spot also has some samplers if you feel like experimenting with some new flavours as well as subscription box service.

If you are also looking for new and innovative ways to drink your tea, then the Tea Spot is the place for you. They have a huge selection of ‘Steepware’ including tea tumblers, mugs, infusers and tea pots so you can have the perfect tea anywhere and anytime. Although a little pricier than some shops, the tea selection and flavours are more than worth it.

4. Adagio Tea

Adagio Teas Chamomile Herbal, Caffeine Free, 15 Full Leaf Gourmet Sachet Pyramid Bags

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A small family-owned company born from a passion for Indian and Chinese teas, this family venture has now expanded to owning three different facilities.

As well as selling a delightful selection of teas, Adagio Tea is also committed to educating its customers about the history of tea, tea types and creation processes.

It has a lot of interesting information on the website as well as a whole blog dedicated to tea, the Tea Blog, which is packed full of recipes, tips, advice and information.

You won’t be short of choice when browsing the tea collection, with black tea, flavored teas, chai tea, oolong tea, rooibos and decaf tea to name a few.

If you usually have trouble deciding on which teas look good online, you might enjoy Adagio’s scoring system which ranks every tea from 1 to 100 based on how people rate them.

One of our favorite things about Adagio Teas is their unusual but delicious seasonal blends from Bonfire and Honeybush Pumpkin Chai to Chestnut. There is also a decent selection of teaware with good-quality and interesting teapots, matcha bowls, ice tea makers and kettles.

5. California Tea House

California Teahouse Gingerbread Chai Rooibos Tea

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Do you love loose leaf teas? If so you must check out California Tea House, which offers some of the finest-quality, organic and herbal blends out there. From humble beginnings in local California Farmers markets, the venture decided to go online after they received huge popularity.

They make sure they only use premium-quality materials and create only small batches of every blend to make sure the quality is consistently high. They are passionate about loose leaf teas over tea bags, and so they focus on this as their speciality.

You can find a wide array of teas for sale in the online store from blooming tea, green tea, black tea, oolong tea and more. They also run a super cool initiative for tea lovers called Tea Club. You can enroll in the club and each month the company will deliver you that season’s finest loose tea with free shipping.

This takes away the hassle of ordering, means you will never run out of tea again, and encourages you to try wonderful new teas you might never taste otherwise. A tea drinker’s dream.

California Tea House also has a great tea blog called Let’s Talk Tea. Here you can find great recipes, tips, culture and history all about tea.

6. Matcha Kari

Matcha Kari Organic Superior Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder - Ceremonial Grade, Single Estate...

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Want to discover some amazing Japanese teas? Matcha Kari, based in Kyoto, specializes in amazing teas from Japan, and also China and Taiwan. They also work with different craftsmen to create tea accessories and ceramics.

Their mission is to spread the greatness of tea culture around the world with high-quality tea and utensils.

There is a wide range of high-quality teas ranging from Japanese, Chinese and Taiwanese teas as well as different matcha teas, loose teas and tea powders. Matcha Kari loves to celebrate the health benefits of different teas that have been consumed in Japan for thousands of years and this ethos runs through the center of their brand.

Their selection of teaware really shines with finely crafted teapots, pitchers, tea cups, tea bowls, tea sets, accessories and more! We love their selection of gift sets for tea lovers too, which include matcha starter sets and other tea sets.

The store also sells a variety of incense and incense holders to go alongside your tea and help you relax. If you want to learn about Japanese tea traditions, as well as get recipes, tips and guides on all things tea, check out their blog Sazen Tea.

7. Mighty Leaf

Mighty Leaf Green Tea Tropical 100ct.

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If you love to buy your tea in bulk once you find an awesome quality blend, you might like Mighty Leaf, a Tea Company that specializes in amazing-quality boxes of 100 tea pouches.

Their speciality tea pouches are made with silken material and filled with the finest-quality whole tea leaves, herbs and fruits. Totally unique.

Social responsibility and giving back make up the backbone of the company ethos. They work with Pride Industries for packaging their products, a nonprofit organization in the US for employing individuals with disabilities.

They also work with global nonprofit, She’s the First, to empower girls and women in developing countries.

They also work towards an ethical supply chain and they are Fair Trade certified. You can find a wide selection of interesting tea blends from the classics to Basil, Dandelion and Red Clover Flower.

The website includes a section all about tea knowledge so that you can get informed about tea to really understand and make the most of its benefits. There is information from the history of tea to storing, brewing and tasting it.

8. Art of Tea

Art of Tea | Assorted Tea Bags Sampler Caffeinated and Non-Caffeinated| 12 Count Sampler Box

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If you are not sure which tea to go for, head to the Art of Tea where you can take their free online quiz and discover the perfect tea for you based on your preferences and tastes.

Plus it’s fun. Also if you love things in pretty packages, the Art of Tea will not disappoint. Their packaged tea bags come in cute packaging with bright colours and pretty patterns, which adds a little joy to your morning tea routine. Their tea sachets are also excellent quality made with fabric.

If loose leaf tea is more your thing, don’t worry. There is also a wide selection of loose leaf teas to choose from. We especially love the caffeine-free teas and dessert teas on offer. There is a range of unique blends such as Bright Eyed Tea or Feel Better Tea.

These all come with a three word description of the flavor so that you can easily decide if you will like it while browsing the site. Love getting new teas every month?

Consider subscribing to the tea club where you will get an exciting, regular delivery of teas and information right to your door.

9. TeaTulia

Teatulia Organic Tea Sampler Gift Set, 180 Classic Herbal Tea Infuser Bags in 6 Assorted Varieties...

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Love tea AND soda? Well what really stands out at TeaTulia is their unique selection of handcrafted Tea Soda. In fact it is their number one best seller. Fizzy and refreshing they are lightly sweet and flavoured with tea, fruit and herbs. Curious? You should be.

Of course they also sell a large range of teas too. And all of TeaTulia’s tea comes from their organic tea garden in Northern Bangladesh where they make sure they ethically treat the land and people that cultivate it. They claim to be not just sustainable, but regenerative.

They use only natural farming methods and rejuvenate the soil and land. TeaTulia also created their tea garden as a social enterprise to create jobs in the local area. There are loads of teas to choose from, black, green, oolong, white, energy teas and more.

We love the sustainable style, eco-canisters packed with 16 corn silk pyramid tea bags and the gift and sampler sets available. TeaTulia also has an educational section of the website called Tea 101 where you can learn all about different teas, terms and health benefits of tea. Their blog is also filled with interesting pieces and personal stories.

The teas at Teatulia are reasonably priced and we love the autoship feature where you can save 10% by choosing to get an automatic refill every 1, 2 or 3 months.

10. TeaVivre

Teavivre Lapsang Souchong Wild Black Tea (Ye Sheng Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong) - 7oz / 200g

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If you love chinese tea, or are keen to explore it, TeaVivre is the perfect place to start. A small passion-fuelled company where the founder still heads out on personal expeditions to tea plantations to try and experience every tea herself before bringing it to her shop and customers.

She believes in recognizing the growers that produce her tea and this runs at the core of the company. All the teas are organic and USDA and EU certified. Taste a range of teas from the large selection; green, black, white, oolong, pu-erh, yellow, flower tea, herbal and fruit tea and organic.

We love the Yunna Chrysanthemum Dragon Black Tea balls. You can also get Tea Sampler sets, perfect if you want to try a selection and discover new flavours. For new ways to enjoy tea, also check out the teaware they offer from beautiful teapots, tea sets, cups, tea infusers and other accessories.

Finally, for your Tea Education, check out the aptly named section of the site where you will find an array of posts all about brewing different teas. Overall, TeaVivre offers carefully selected, authentic and high-quality teas at reasonable prices. There is fast shipping and a 15 day no-questions-asked refund.

11. Harney & Sons

Harney & Sons Fruit Tea Sampler, Six Fruity Flavors of Loose Tea, 4 Ounce (Pack of 6)

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Born from a passion for fine teas, it’s been nearly four decades since founder John Harney began mastering the art of tea blending in his basement. This family venture has now grown into a bottling plant, warehouse and two stores. And now a popular online business too, bringing you top-quality, fine teas.

The company is passionate about driving positive environmental change and they are part of the 1% For The Planet initiative, where 1% of their profits go towards environmental organizations. They also believe in diversity and equality and make an effort to be transparent and diverse with their employment.

Discover a range of loose leaf teas like white, green, matcha, herbals and many more. We also love that they have different collections such as wellness teas, classics, seasonal teas and HT tea blends. How do you like to make your tea?

Well Harney & Sons have tea in all sorts of packages. Find individually wrapped sachets or bags of 50, bottles of tea, foil-wrapped tea bags or premium tea bags. They even have Fresh Brew Iced Tea pouches which you can brew up with water for a refreshing drink.

We love the packaging with elegant patterns and colors too. If you love tea accessories, you are in luck. They have a delightful selection of cups and mugs, strainers and filters, teapots and kettles for all your brewing needs. Need to pick up a gift for a tea lover? The Harney & Sons gift sets make a perfect present.


So whether you want to experiment with some exciting new flavors, connect with authentic Indian tea or find the perfect travel tea flask, you will be spoilt for choice with the amazing tea stores in this list. Never be without tea again and sit back and relax and enjoy the wonderful soothing benefits for the body and mind. Happy sipping!

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