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Top 6 Best Chamomile Teas To Reduce Inflammation In 2022

Chamomile Tea, it’s one of the best herbal beverages for anxiety, stress, and sleep…

If you’re having a rough day, ending the night with a warm cup of chamomile tea can ease your pain and help you to fall asleep.

It helps to relax smooth muscle including your digestive tract where it works to reduce gas, bloating, and stomach pain. It’s an overall comforter that’s great for people with digestive issues, stress, anxiety, or insomnia.

But, with so many chamomile herbal teas out there, it’s a pain in the butt to find a product that will actually work!

In this article, we will compare the best chamomile teas that actually work and break down the information you need to know about chamomile so you can feel amazing!

I personally have experience using chamomile tea blend since I live with a digestive illness so these recommended products will be of the highest quality.

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Pure Chamomile Flower Tea
  • Pure and certified organic chamomile tea
  • Ideal for treating cold & stomach upsets
  • Sustainably wild harvested ingredients
  • Caffeine-free tea
loose-leaf-chamomile Organic Chamomile Loose Leaf
  • Pure organic chamomile flowers
  • Highest quality loose leaf chamomile
  • Uncut chamomile flowers for the freshest
  • Helps in having relaxing sleep




Best Chamomile Teas for Good Health (2021 Update)

#1 Pure Chamomile Flower Tea – Teabox


Teabox is one of the most popular and best chamomile tea brands on the market. The quality that comes with this tea product will offer you the full benefits of chamomile as a relaxant, digestive aid, and all-around daily calming delight. This tea is also ideal to cure upset stomach.

The premium brand uses only fresh, pure organic or sustainably wild harvested ingredients and maintains their natural purity. By 2024, they have pledged to reduce their plastic consumption by 80%.

If you want a top-notch plain and caffeine-free chamomile tea blend, you will find it useful.

#2 Organic Chamomile Loose Leaf – Buddha Teas



Buddha Teas always impresses us with not only how they deliver the best possible quality in their tea products, but also the way they sustainably source their organic ingredients.

Using whole chamomile flower instead of cut, loose-leaf, chamomile preserves the natural oils and fragrance found in the fresh blossoms, creating a rich and flavorful experience.

If you’re looking for the most natural and best Chamomile tea, this is the one for you.

#3 Traditional Medicinals Organic Chamomile

Traditional Medicinals Tea, Organic Chamomile, Calming, Calms Your Nerves, Supports Healthy...

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This brand of chamomile tea is from Traditional Medicinals and is one of the best chamomile tea brands on the market. It is a quality bagged chamomile herbal tea product that will offer the benefits of chamomile like relaxation, calmness, and an overall helpful aid for recuperation.

Simply put, if you want a high-quality chamomile tea you need to get this product. If you purchase this organic chamomile tea and steep it in hot water for 15 minutes it will definitely help relax your body and allow you to feel better quickly. You can drink it at night to have a relaxing sleep.

#4 Yogi Comforting Chamomile

Yogi Tea - Comforting Chamomile Tea (6 Pack) - Soothes Mild Tension and Promotes Sleep - Caffeine...

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This product from Yogi comes in tea bags. It is organic and contains pure chamomile flowers. It is one of the better chamomile tea bags you can buy which also gives you many calming health benefits.

I always recommend buying loose leaf teas because you are going to get a higher medicinal value steeping the whole herbs instead of the smaller herb parts that come in a tea bag but if you want the convenience of tea bags this is a quality one you can try.

#5 Starwest Organic Chamomile

Starwest Botanicals Organic Chamomile Flower Whole (Egypt), 1 Pound

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This is a pure organic Egyptian chamomile from Starwest Botanicals. Starwest Botanicals is one of the finest herbal companies in the states providing only the best herbs and spices.

If you’re looking to get the health benefits of chamomile in a potent, effective product I would highly recommend purchasing the popular Starwest Botanicals Egyptian Chamomile and steeping the amount you need on your own.

#6 Tealyra Egyptian Chamomile

Tealyra - Egyptian Chamomile Tea - Pure Herbal Tea - Natural Bedtime Tea - Caffeine-Free - Relaxing...

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This is a pure blend of Egyptian chamomile loose leaf tea. With a loose leaf tea, you will get the most medicinal bang for your buck and will be able to get so many health benefits that pure chamomile flowers offer.

This pure Egyptian chamomile tea has a nice honey-like taste and provides the anti-inflammatory and calming benefits that chamomile provides. You will definitely be going to find it useful in your daily routine.

Chamomile Tea Benefits

We’ve just mentioned the best Chamomile Tea brands above. Now it’s time to know about Chamomile Tea benefits

There are a couple of types of chamomile flowers that have medicinal value.

chamomile benefits

One of them is Roman chamomile ( Chamaemelum nobile)and the other is German chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla).  Both of these chamomile flowers are used in typical chamomile teas. The German chamomile flower variety is most common.

Chamomile tea has some amazing and calming benefits. It’s well known as an all-around comforting tea which is helpful for relaxing at the end of a stressful day. This herbal tea is better than green tea is also very gentle on the body. It’s the perfect chamomile herbal tea for someone looking to wind down at night before sleeping. People also find drinking chamomile tea useful for treating cold.

A few specific health benefits from pure chamomile tea are:

  • Help in easing aches, pains, and cramps
  • Anti-inflammatory tea and helps in preventing diarrhea
  • Help in easing bladder irritation
  • Helps ease burns as it’s antiseptic and antibacterial as a skin wash
  • Helps relieve nausea and vomiting source
  • Help in softening the skin
  • Helps with sleep by calming the body source
  • Smooth muscle relaxant, helps with GI tract function, gas, bloating, and pain source

What’s the best time to drink chamomile tea?

The best time to drink chamomile tea for its health benefits is at night before going to sleep. Since chamomile relaxes the muscles and allows your body to calm down it can be a helpful aid in getting quality sleep.

You can also drink chamomile tea throughout the day to help with digestion and soothe the body but the best time for drinking chamomile tea is at night after a stressful day. I personally use it and have found a chamomile tea blend helpful for relaxation and digestion. Chamomile tea may interact with your medicine and cause side-effects, so consult with your doctor before drinking it.

How to Make Chamomile Tea

how to make chamomile tea

Making chamomile tea is super easy. It’s the same process as any other herbal tea. You can buy it from any shop or online tea store.

Basically, you want to bring your water to a boil at around 212 degrees then pour that water over 2 teaspoons to 1 tablespoon of pure chamomile in a strainer and let it steep for 15 minutes. Don’t add any additional flavor in chamomile tea, it may affect its nutritional value.

Steps to Make Chamomile Tea:

  1. Take 2 teaspoons-1 tablespoons of Roman chamomile or German chamomile tea and put in a strainer
  2. Boil your water to 212 degrees Fahrenheit
  3. Pour your hot water over the chamomile tea into your cup
  4. Let the chamomile steep for 15 minutes or longer depending on how strong you want it

Be sure to check out the gut-friendly tea guide to see exactly how to make herbal teas.

Making a cup of chamomile tea is a simple health remedy that can make your life so much better! Do yourself a favor and get the best chamomile tea brand and make a cup of tea before falling asleep. You won’t regret it!

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