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A Resource to Help You Heal Your Digestive System

Eliminate IBS and SIBO symptoms and become strong and healthy

A Resource to Help You Heal Your Digestive System

Eliminate IBS and SIBO symptoms and become strong and healthy

Hi, I’m Josh, Creator of SIBO Survivor

After struggling with digestive issues, being diagnosed with IBS and SIBO, and seeing numerous doctors who couldn’t help, I decided to research and learn about functional gut disorders. I thought there needed to be a resource that blended patient experience and scientific research to help people heal as naturally as possible.

4 Steps to Help You Reduce Your Digestive Symptoms

1. Learn the Basics of SIBO and IBS

First, read our ultimate guide to SIBO which includes what SIBO is, the symptoms associated, underlying causes, and much more about the digestive condition. This guide to SIBO and IBS will be your one stop resource for everything you need to know. Becoming an informed patient is important so that you can communicate with your doctor effectively and work together to find the right treatment strategy for your body!

2. Learn the Different Treatment Options Proven Effective in Research

It’s important to learn about the different SIBO treatment options that are available. Keep in mind that a treatment strategy that worked for someone else may not be best for you. We all need an individualized plan based on our health history and co-existing issues. Whether you use an elemental dietherbal antibioticsprokinetic agent, top probiotic for SIBO or a combination of natural and pharmaceutical medicine to heal your gut you should feel confident after learning about the different options.

3. Adopt a Gut Friendly Diet and Cook Some Tasty Recipes

A healthy diet for SIBO or a whole food diet that is lower in fermentable carbohydrates is an essential part of healing. First, read the SIBO diet guide, then take a look at some healthy SIBO recipes. The main diets used in SIBO are the Low FODMAP diet, Low Fermentation diet, and the SCD diet.

4. Determine Supplements That Can Aid in Symptom Relief

Dealing with a gastrointestinal condition like SIBO is not easy. Most people have to experiment with different supplements and products until they find certain ones that are the best for their body. Our goal is to make this process easier for you so that you can find the symptom relief and support you need to make life easier. Check out our recommended products and reviews so that you can make smart purchasing decisions!

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